About Komodo Mega Tours

About Komodo Mega Tours
About Komodo Mega Tours
About Komodo Mega Tours

About Komodo Mega Tours is all information relate to our travel company. We are a leading tour operator of Flores island, Indonesia.

Komodo Mega Tours is bases in the town of Labuan Bajo west part of Flores Island. Focuses to organize Indonesia tours. Especially Flores Komodo tour packages.

Our license focuses on tourism business for the most purpose. At this present time we starts with small scale arrangement. Below is the more information about us to summarize everything.

If you don’t more about Komodo Mega Tours, you can tell us. We only give the important point here about Komodo Mega Tours.

Hope with this information, perhap you know part of our company. We are growing well since we starts.

Our growing well is from travelers. As long as you use our services, means that you support us. We always try out how to do the best. For this reason why we always do the best for all our clients.

It’s not only a moment but from time to time. Hope our dedication will get good impact for us. Please give us the comment after tour. So that we can do the best.

Company’s Founder;

I am Yuventius, an Indonesian from Flores island, who dedicate in tourism business since 2009. I was working as Indonesia tour guide since 1998 and also worked some major travel companies in Indonesia.

Because of my long experience passion on tourism, so i starts the tourism business on 2009 with some friends. Four years later on 2012, i have got the legality from Indonesia’s government. So that, since 2012 we have licensed travel company.

Company’s Name;

Licensed name is PT. KOMODO MEGA WISATA. The license is focusing in Indonesia’s tourism services. KOMODO MEGA TOURS is our online travel markets.

Operation And Legality Transactions;

KOMODO MEGA TOURS is only use as a marketing brand. Especially for online marketing. But for all legal transactions we use PT. KOMODO MEGA WISATA. It’s valid for legal transactions either for domestic or foreign tourists.

As long as our clients going to make deal, so all payment process should through our company’s bank account. That is PT. KOMODO MEGA WISATA. It’s for secure all our clients who use our travel services along the holidays.

Legality of our tourism business is allowed to operate all over Indonesia. Although now we don’t operate all over the country, but our mission will be covering in the futures.

Dedication And Mission;

Since set up on 2009, we have arranged a lot of tourists. Both domestic and foreign tourists. Not only Flores Komodo but also we arrange other islands in Indonesia.

Our travel company bases in Labuan Bajo town, west part of Flores Island. For this reason why we focuses to Komodo National Park and Flores Island.

We also arrange tour to other islands beyond Flores Komodo. As far as we arrange tour to Java, Borneo, Lombok and Sulawesi. We still promote not only Flores Komodo, but also other islands.

Company Management;

This time we have 12 peoples are working at the company. They are working for office, boat and drivers. It’s not inlcuding in the fielding. Because we hire tour guide from the Indonesian tour guide association.

All our tour guide have licensed and registered on Indonesia tour guide association on west Flores region.

Officers are working daily even on national holidays. Offiice open at 09 AM to 05 PM. Office is closed only Sunday. But on the high season, we open every day.

All our team have experience in tourism services and have been in training either at the office or on the fielding.

Company Support Capacity;

This time, we have own office belong the company. Since 2014, we have own land and sea transportation. It’s to support our fielding tour operations.

It’s to reduce the prices of our tour packages. Especially reduce the cost both on Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park.

But sometimes we also hire from others to cover our clients on high season. Transportation that we hires are subject to our travel company. It’s because we use when high season. Also to support each others.

Company profile;


  • Legalized by Indonesia’s Minister of Law and Human Rights: AHU – 44773.AH.01.01
  • Registered by department of Tourism and the creative economy: PPT.503.510/X/2012
  • Sign listing company: TDP 2416510000125
  • List of company tax: 03.207.514.5.924-00

Office Address;

Jln. Soekarno – Hatta, Labuan Bajo – west Flores Island – Indonesia 86754

Tel ; +62 (0)385 2443167

Fax ; +62 (0)385 2443167

Hotline; +62 (0)813 3931 2458

Whattsapp; +62 812 3829 8333

Bali representative;

Jl.  Arthayoga No 3 Denpasar Bali – Indonesia

Tel: +6281 238 281 777

Contact ; Mr. Ketut Artawa

Lombok island representative;

Jl. Sapta Pesona, no 54 Senggigi west Lombok Indonesia

Tel : +6285 239 656 789

Contact : Mr. Wahyu

Finally, we want to thanks for all clients who have been with our services. We hope you get satisfaction. Special thanks to for travel partners who co operate with us so far.

Welcome to the visitors who want visit Indonesia especially to Flores Island and Komodo National Park.

Sincerely yours

Yuventius Tongkang

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About Komodo Mega Tours

Probably you don’t find more completely about us here, then we will put next time. Or ask more about our travel company.