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Flores island tours is the general tour information from the island of Flores Indonesia. Here some information can get from historical, tourist objects, national park, religion, population and much more.

Flores is an Island of Indonesia located in the eastern part of Bali which has a unique and distinctive charm, such as: natural, cultural diversity, traditions, people and daily life of the community.
Flores with 14.300 square kilometers is an Island of East Nusa Tenggara province located south east of Indonesia or east part of Bali Island which is length about 450 kilometer east to west and width average about 50 kilometer from north to south .
Flores was well-known by Portuguese since 15 century that “CABO DA FLORA” means Flower. The name was given by Portuguese caused found wonderful and colorful corals and fishes under sea water when they made long expedition to find new area along north part of this Island. Since at the time east part of Flores including some small group Island and Timor was under Portuguese colonialism where Catholic religion comes through to the locals. It is quite different in the west part of Flores where all region under Dutch colonialism where Catholic religion spread out by German missionaries and Protestant by the Dutch.
The latest colonialism was Japan before Indonesia got independent on 17 August 1945. As the ex of colonialism area, there are many influence system changed to locals such as: government structure, religion, agriculture, education, tradition and development. Catholic missionaries have worked to build: agriculture system, Catholic school or Seminary, health aid, research, and changed human resource. European missionaries lived over independent period even today and mostly working at isolation area to help locals.


Today Flores Island is one of the main tour destinations for tourist in Indonesia archipelago, both domestic and abroad with a variety of tourist attractions ranging from: nature, culture, different traditions in each district, races and primitive life in some isolated areas.
Flores Island is one of main tourist attraction beyond Komodo Dragons in Komodo national park since 1980 well-known by one of world wonder and mysterious dramatic sight is Kelimutu Three colored Lake, Bena and Wogo traditional village, Riung 17 Islands, Wae Rebo primitive village, colorful hand weaving each region, culture ceremonies, local dance, bird watching, Homo Floresiensis/Flores Hobbits and other tourist attraction.

At this time Flores Island inhabited by more than 2 million people scattered in every district where the society is divided into two races, namely: Melanesian and Polynesian. Melanesian dominate the western part where the distinctively white or brown and Polynesian dominate the eastern part where the distinctively black.
Each region has own named of group started from west part: Manggarai, Ngada and Nagekeo, Ende and Lioness, Sikka and Lamaholot which is following different language each region. Even more than 85% are Catholic people was influenced by Dutch in west part and Portuguese in east part but people are holding tradition and their culture with unique ceremonies from different part of region.

Topography is mountainous and hilly and mostly the land is covered by Savanna, grass and monsoon forest with very low rainy season every year average from 1500 – 2000 mm/year. In the western part of the island of Flores heavy rainfall every year which can reach 3500 mm per year compared to the east part only a maximum range of 1500 mm per year.
Mostly 85% people are working as farmer and rest are fisherman, officer and private.

Homo Floresiensis: Is the world phenomenon since 2003 when archaeologists of Indonesian and Australian found dwarf human species called Homo Floresiensis or Flores hobbits at a lime stones is Liang Bua cave located 21 kilometers south of Ruteng town the capital of Manggarai regency.

How to get there:
In Flores Island is connected by two main gate way to visit Flores Island. This time mostly flights are connected from Denpasar Bali Island to some town on Flores that operated by some flight company.

Maumere town: is the main gate way in the east part of Flores Island is connected by daily flight from Bali and to Denpasar Bali Island. We arrange the tour packages from east to west part if you are interesting to visit Flores Island with Flores overland tours. Maumere also has connected flight from Kupang west Timor Island Indonesia, Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Surabaya Java Island via Denpasar Bali.

Labuan Bajo town: is the main gate way to west Flores Island with daily connecting flight from Denpasar Bali Island Indonesia. Labuan Bajo town also connected by flight from Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya Java Island, Mataram Lombok Island which is transit in Denpasar Bali before fly to Labuan Bajo west Flores Island via Denpasar Bali Island. If you are interesting only for Komodo Dragon Island tours, Labuan Bajo town is the only one used as entry point fly from Bali Island then cross with boat trip to Komodo national park. Here, we arrange daily tour from Bali to Komodo Island via Labuan Bajo west Flores Island Indonesia.

Ende town: is oldest town in central of Flores Island as alternative flight from Denpasar Bali Island. This moment there is connecting flight from Denpasar Bali fly to Ende via Sumba Island.

Ferry boat: Is vessel connecting the inter – island or river crossing in Indonesia.
Ferry boat is serving between the Island of East and west Nusa Tenggara province with regular schedule or irregular schedule. There are some port is serving inter Island on our province. To know more information which is changing any time, please feel free to contact our company to get update new schedule.

Pelni ship: Is National cruise ships that serve a variety of routes between islands in Indonesia. The major sea port in Flores Island is serving by Pelni boat such as: Labuan Bajo, Ende and Maumere.

Kelimutu national park
Located on Ende regency Kelimutu lies on the slope of Kelimutu mount about 5000 square kilometers living with some endemic bird, flora and faunas.

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