Flores Komodo Tour

Flores Komodo tour is tour combining of Flores Island and the islands of Komodo national park. This is Flores Komodo tour packages as our main destination to offers for visitors. Furthermore, Flores Komodo tour will bring you to see; nature, culture, tradition, people, way of life, Komodo Dragons, wild life, corals or fishes.

Flight Connection;

All program here, we arrange starts from east part of Flores Island. Travelers should to point the flight to Maumere town east part of Flores gateway. Mostly the flight connected from Bali Island. Also flight connected from other city but will transit in Bali island.

If you can’t connect to Maumere town, so alternatively is Ende town. It’s mid part of Flores island. Although there is not direct flight from Bali but can connect via some airport before continue to Ende town. If you use Ende town as entry, so the tour will change the route.

Although our program here starts from east, but you can also do from west to east. As long as you prefer do that, so you should point your flight to Labuan Bajo town.

It’s very easy to connect direct flight to Labuan Bajo. And more high traffic of flight every day. Jakarta, Surabaya, Lombok, Bali and Makasar are the place you can connect direct flight to Labuan Bajo, west part of Flores Island.

Tour Activities;

Travelers do overland tours by cars from east to west then cross by boat to the islands of Komodo national park. Trekking or walking will become your activities when you are on tourist objects. You do trek or walk either in Flores or on the islands of Komodo national park. While snorkeling if you want to see corals or fishes at the 17 islands of Riung and the islands of Komodo national park.

Flores island Indonesia

Flores island Indonesia

As long as you prefer the tour starts from west to east, so the starting point is Labuan Bajo town, in west part of Flores. So the activity is doing trip to Komodo National Park. Then you do overland from west to east. You will be ending in Ende or Maumere town.

Land And Sea Transportation;

  • Boat;

We have own boat base in Labuan Bajo town for trip to the islands of Komodo national park. You can choose the cabin boat with fan or with air condition. Our boat completely with marine safety equipment according to the standard.

Cabin boat is using for live aboard. While deck boat is using for daily trip. Daily trip is starts and ending in the town of Labuan Bajo. If you choose daily in our tour package, so you will stay in a hotel.

But if choose live aboard, so you will stay on the along the trip. Also you can choose combination. That is stay in a hotel and stay on the boat. It’s depending on your prefer doing in holidays.

Our boat is preparing either for individual or group. We will set up as far as we get your news. Our boat member already experience and train well for tourist services.

  • Land Transportation;

We have own car and buses to service our clients for overland tour. Our car all using air condition. We serve also for rent but not permit for own driving. Because our topography is mountainous and hilly, so the road is windy. Our drivers are experience and trained well with local condition how to bring tourists.

Rent car on Flores island

Private transportation Flores

Exchange The Program;

In some cases, because of our programs maybe not meet your plan on Flores Komodo packages, so you tell our team. Then you can ask to change, combining, lengthen or shorter as long as not meet your plans. But this is to inform you that we design all programs according to our local condition on Flores island and Komodo National Park.


Accommodation that we use is the best selection each regency that you will get on Flores Komodo tour. Because limited rooms every hotel we suggest travelers to make early booking before arrival. Beyond Labuan Bajo town west part of Flores Island, there is not start hotel. But the rooms are serving with standard.

Some of the hotel is located on cool area for overnight. So the room is not use air condition. The facilities are western toilet, hot or cold water, double or single bed and private bathroom.


Meals serve Indonesian food but also you can get mix European and Chinese food. Let’s we know as long as you have vegetarian or some special diet. On our service here, you can choose on menu by your self during the tour except for some hotel with fully board. It depends on our contract with hotel’s management. For group 6 up will serve with full board.

Tour Guide;

Our tour guide always be with you during the tour. All our tour guide become a member of Indonesian tourist guide association. Mostly of our tour guide working directly with our travel company.

But also we hire freelance tour guide. It’s happening when high season or need special interests. We use tour guide who has certification and all from Indonesian tourist guide association. Our tour guide has experience well for Flores Komodo tour.

Reservation And Confirmation;

In addition, during high season on July and August every year, please make early reservation before arrival. The great booking is 2 month before arrival then following by deposit. Especially for group more than 10 peoples, should make reservation and deposit at least 3 month before arrival.

Early booking and deposit very important for us to keep any tour component along the programs. Hotel, car and boat always fully booked on high season. Especially hotel along Flores island is limited.

Finally, if any questions about Flores Komodo tour, please kindly to send an email. We give appreciations to travelers as long as make clear information with our team before make deal. Your satisfactions are our goal that we do on travel business.

Flores Komodo Tour

Eco tour Flores Komodo is our special offers. Eco tour is suitable for tourists who have special interests. It’s need special requirement. Because the acitivity is combining regular and specification tour.

Flores Komodo Eco trip

Flores Komodo Eco trip

Flores Komodo Tour

We have published Flores Komodo tour packages here. So you can choose. If you want different program with ours here, please contact our team.