Eco Tours Flores Komodo

Eco tours Flores Komodo is our Eco tour packages to visit Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park with Eco tours. The tour packages will bring the visitors to beaten area, stay with local community and see the real way of life. Eco tours Flores Komodo is our specification offer on our travel company for the visitors who want to make difference with other tourists.

We have a lot of experience to organize all kind of Eco tours to the both above destination since we are local travel agent bases in Labuan Bajo west Flores island. Our team either on the office or on the field will work along our skill according to our long experience. On our Eco tour packages will bring visitors to stay what the real of our land, peoples, culture and tradition.

On some tour package will stay with local community in their traditional village. Visitor will learn more what they do and what they are eating. During stay with locals, visitors will eat what the locals eating. You will see their daily activity start to begin their fielding. Visitors need special experience before taking a part of our Eco tour Flores Komodo to escape from misunderstanding during the trip is running. We don’t recommend for children under 13 years old if not make a good agreement with our travel company. Adult more than 60 years old should be making approve before deal with our Eco tour packages.

In addition that Komodo Mega Tours Indonesia offering Flores and Komodo Eco tour to bring you discovers Flores and Komodo national park. We are specializing for Flores and Komodo Eco tours. All this tour will do with adventure, trekking and hiking. You will find our virgin nature, culture and primitive life cross to beaten area without road expedition. A part of this trip will cross the jungle, mountain, hilly, rain forest and primitive life at isolation area. If you want to get more information and requests please to contact us.