Flores Komodo Eco Tour 9D/8N

Flores Komodo Eco tour 9D/8N is tour combination of regular and Eco tours. On Flores Komodo Eco tour you will discover Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park.

A part of the program will do to the special interest. And also some acitivities are going with long trek or hiking. Not all the program doing in Eco tour.

We want to bring visitors go little different place along the overland. But Flores Komodo Eco tour is a great tour combining. You need special experience from our island along holidays.

FLORES KOMODO ECO TOUR 9D/8N = starting from east to west of Flores island

DAY 01; BALI – MAUMERE – MONI = Floresare hotel with hot water or similar
Get morning flight from Bali to Maumere town east part of Flores island. Upon arrival at Maumere airport, you will meet with our tour guide.

Drive to Sikka village located south part of Maumere town. Arrive at Sikka village you will see hand weaving process from local community. In the central of the village, you will see the old Catholic church that was built by Portuguese at colonial era on 16 century.

Drive to Jopu traditional house where it’s unique construction either interior and exterior. Drive up to Moni village where the accommodation and dinner will be served.

DAY 02; MONI – KELIMUTU – BAJAWA = Silverin hotel with hot water or similar
In the early morning drive up to top of Kelimutu Lake to see wonder of nature and dramatic sight three colored Crater Lake. Arrive at parking area you will walk up more than 275 steps to get top.

From 1,639 meters above the sea level, where you can see three Crater Lake with different color. If the weather permitted you will see sun rise with fantastic color and wonderful background.

After take picture then walk down to parking area. Drive back to hotel for your breakfast. After breakfast drive to Ende. Stop will be made according to the local happening.

Continue drive to Mataloko district. Lunch will get on the way. visit Nage Keo traditional house that was the center of Nage Keo kingdom. Here also you will see giant of Buffaloes horns that rested of 18000 years ago.

Drive to Wogo traditional village is unique construction of local peoples. Hand weaving can find here. After walking around the village, drive to Bajawa for your accommodation and dinner.

DAY 03; BAJAWA – BENA – RUTENG = Shinda hotel with hot water or similar
Breakfast at your hotel then drive to south part of the town to visit Bena traditional village. On the way you will see the great scenery of Inerie mout. It’s second highest mount in the island of Flores. Crater which is smoking some time.

Arrive at Bena village, walking around to see local community with their daily life. Women always make hand weaving here. Local shop is posibility. Unique construction and their megalith stones are the spesific interesting to see here.

You will drive to Aimere district through Bajawa town. Arrive at Aimere distrcit you see ARAK destilation (ARAK is local alcoholic drinking) that made from palm trees.

Continue drive to Borong town for your lunch at local restaurant. After lunch drive to Ruteng town. You will stop at Ranamese Lake where located on slope of the mountain. Here is the biggest rain forest in our province with some endemic birds are living around the natural forest.

Arrive in Ruteng town then get hotel for check in. Afternoon you will drive to Ruteng Pu’u traditional house of Manggaraian (west Flores ethnic group) to see unique of interior and exterior construction.

Go back to hotel for overnight. Dinner will get at local restaurant.

DAY 04; RUTENG – TODO – DENGE – WAE REBO = Stay on traditional house with local community
After breakfast at hotel then drive to Todo village to see traditional house and megalith yard stones. Todo is former local royal center on kingdom era.

Continue drive to Denge village. Lunch is serving with local foods.
After lunch you will start to trek to high land to get Wae Rebo village. On the way you stop for arest or according to local happening.

Arrive at Wae Rebo village you will be welcomed by local peoples who live in primitive life. The weather is cool because the area located on 1000 meters above sea level.

Accommodation and dinner will be served with local community. Enjoy great dinner with their traditional foods.

DAY 05; FULL DAY WAE REBO VILLAGE = Stay on traditional house with local community
Today you will spend hole day with locals. See their daily life. local people Or join with their activities to the field, home work, taking water, wood fire gathering, and so much more… Lunch will be serving accordingly with local people. Accommodation and dinner served with local people.

After get breakfast with local people you will start to walk down to get Denge village. Some stop will be made according to nature happenings on the way or some interesting to see.

Arrive at Denge village drive along the coastal are to Lembor district. Here you will see local farmers are working on their rice field. Drive to Roe village to meet with local community who arrange for tent equipment.

From here you will do trekking to the top of Mbeliling mount. On the way will be stopped by birds singing when they are coming back to their home on forest. Arrive at top of mount you will enjoy with nature or singing bird.

Tent will become your accommodation. Dinner, mineral water, coffee and tea will get from local service.

DAY 07; MBELILING – LABUAN BAJO – RINCA ISLAND = Stay on cabin boat with fan
After get breakfast with on the top walk down to Roe village where local communities live. Continue drive to Labuan Bajo western part of Flores Island.

Arrive in Labuan Bajo direct transfer to boat depart to Rinca Island about 2 hours. Arrive at Rinca direct check in process at the office of Komodo National Park. Start to do trek about 2 hours to see Komodo Dragons in their natural habitats and wild life such as Buffaloes, Horses, Deer, wild boards, monkey and some kind of birds.

Go back to boat depart to Kalong Island to thousand of Flying foxes when they are coming out from mangrove tree fly to Flores Island for their fruits. Accommodation and dinner will be served on the boat.

DAY 08; KALONG – KOMODO ISLAND – MANTA POINT – LABUAN BAJO = Jayakarta beach resort hotel bases 4* or similar

Depart to Komodo Island. Arrive at Loh Liang on Komodo island get check in process at the office of Komodo National Park. Here you will make more chance to see Komodo dragon and wild life.

After trek depart to Manta point for Snorkeling or swimming. If you are lucky you will see Manta rays that hanging on the surface of sea level or just swim or snorkeling with you. Lunch will serve on the boat.

After snorkeling depart to Labuan Bajo. Arrive at harbor drive you. Dinner and accommodation will serve at hotel.

Get breakfast at your hotel then drive to local market to where local people are selling and buying their products.

Then drive to Batu Cermin cave to see stalactites, stalagmites and dried coral fossils that hanging on the wall of cave rested from Jurassic era. After explore the cave then drive you to airport for your flight to Bali.