Flores Komodo Tourism

Flores Komodo tourism is the travel information about tourism growth of Flores island and Komodo national park. Below is short story of tourism development, tourism attractions and impacts of tourism to the local peoples.

Since 1980 an initial round of tourism in which the Komodo Dragons began widely known around the world with various forms of promotion of both government and the private sector, especially corporate travel agency in Indonesia before entering the decade mentioned above.

Despite the limitations of both the facility and the carrying capacity for the promotion of services in the field but the spirit to promote tourism continues to be particularly tourism businesses in Indonesia.
From the familiar to the international community about the Komodo Dragons in Komodo national park and natural beauty, culture, traditions and people’s lives on the island of Flores, the growth of the tourism increased from year to year. The impact of this growth can be felt by the local community, either directly or indirectly.

Since 1990 tourist arrivals continue to rise to visit the Komodo national park and the island of Flores, supported by fast, precise and accurate promotion facilities that are through online media that can provide a promising impact that tourism is becoming one of the leading sectors that can provide economic growth to the local community.
Along with the rising number of tourists, both domestic and foreign, the government has built infrastructure as carrying capacity allows travelers to enter the island of Flores and Komodo national park, such as airports, roads and various facilities in the existing attractions.

The government’s policy to make it easy for investors to invest the various components of tourism is a pretty good step to support the sustainable growth of tourism.
At this time the development of tourism on the island of Flores and Komodo National Park is very promising because it has been supported by adequate infrastructure and facilities although some parts are still in need of improvement and repair.
Airports, highways, hotels, restaurants, souvenir and human resources are the main bearing capacity to achieve the target that the tourism sector is part of the increase in state revenues and social economy so as to provide welfare to the people.

Condition of tourism at Flores Island and Komodo National Park

There are some airport can be accessed from Bali to Flores island with daily flight or connected from other city in Indonesia. At this time could be landed with a wide-bodied aircraft and is being built and additional facilities expansion project.
Frans Seda airport of Maumere town is gate way of east part of Flores Island.
Aroeboesman airport of Ende town is gate way to central of Flores Island.
Komodo airport of Labuan Bajo town is gate way to west part of Flores Island.

Almost every town has a few hotels where small scale or not a star, but the rooms are spacious, clean and toilet standard. Except in the town of Labuan Bajo western part of the island of Flores has some star hotel with various facilities that are adequate.
Generally small scale hotel using manual reservation and desperately need to call the phone. The hotel is believed to local tour operators to book rooms than direct reservation of guests.

Restaurant is located at almost every small town and even in some places can be found stopover. Various types of food such as European, Indonesian, Chinese and combined food can be served each standard restaurant. Local food is mostly use as local consumption and needed request for visitor.

To shop can be found in some souvenir shop every town or directly to the local community while visiting the sights. Usually local people sell directly to a result of their craft. You can ask the price and other with our official tour guide that accompanying you during the trip.

Komodo Flores tourism:

The island of Flores and Komodo National Park is one of the national and international tourism destinations in Indonesia, as it has many tourist attractions ranging from nature, culture, traditions and community life.
Here is a small part of the thousands of objects and other tourist attraction on the island of Flores and Komodo National Park as reference information for visitors or tourists who want to visit this region.

= Komodo Dragons Island: consist of the Island of Komodo, Rinca, Padar, Nusa Kode and beyond authority of Komodo national park is Gili Motang and Wae Wu’ul on west part of Flores Island.

= Kelimutu Three colored lake: Most mysterious and dramatic sight in the central of Flores becomes a national park in Indonesia.

= Riung: is located north part of Flores covering by 17 Islands for wonder of snorkeling, flying Foxes, beaches, Komodo Dragons and local fishermen village.

= Bena village is one of the oldest and biggest traditional village in the central part of the island of Flores where the community still maintains the original life in every part of their daily lives. Many interesting of Bena village to see and learn from the life of the community who still holds the ancient life, ranging from building materials, construction either outside or inside, ceremonial custom, hand-woven and daily life.

= Wae Rebo: Wae Rebo is a pristine village and community life are primitive or can be said that Wae Rebo is a village that can represent the entire life of the western part of the island of Flores who have the same culture. Primitive village located on valley of a mountain about 900 – 1000 meters above sea level that can be reached by car from the main road of Flores island next by trekking to reach the center of the village.

Wae Rebo primitive village is perfect for adventure, study and research because a lot of interesting things to see and learn more on how these village communities and maintain a culture which is very rare to be seen again on today. Komodo mega tours arrange trip to Wae Rebo with Eco tour combined with Komodo Dragon tour package.

There is more information about Flores Komodo tourism that can find on our blogs since we are working on tourism sector. We are focusing arrange tourism business on Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park.

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