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Flores Komodo Travel Information is tour information for visitors to know how to make right travel to Flores island and Komodo national park.  As a Flores leading travel company, we would to give some general travel information to make visitors easy to find our region.

Complete tours and travel information about: Komodo Dragon, wild life, snorkeling or diving, nature, peoples, culture, tradition, way of life, history, accommodation, flight, boat and land transportation to the island of Flores and Komodo national park in Indonesia.

We present all kind of tour and travel information of Komodo national park and Flores island since our offers focused to the both of destination. Hope all our offers will meet your requirement to travel to our region.

Flight is mostly starting from Bali to visit Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park in Indonesia. There are some flight company operating from Bali island to Flores island. Flores island is one of the Indonesia’s island that has many airport. There is an airport every regency but there is 3 major airport using for well connection beyond our province. The main gate way to visit Komodo national park is Labuan Bajo town, west part of Flores island. Maumere and Ende are two gate way in the east and central of the island.

Some Pelni’s boat are operating but all schedule every week connect between intern island in Indonesia. Ferry boat is operating every day especially between Labuan Bajo town west Flores island and Sape east of Sumbawa island.

Boat trip is the main sea transportation to make travel to Komodo national park bases in Labuan Bajo town. The boat trip to the islands of Komodo national park mostly from local fishermen but already modifying to bring tourists. There is many class of boat trip that we have. Such as; deck boat, cabin with fan and cabin with air condition. It is quite different at Riung village where boat trip to 17 islands using small size since not need to stay and the distance is short.

Meals is dominating by Indonesian food and the rest is European and Chinese food. Restaurants are setting up every town even to the some village in Flores island.

Land transportation is using air condition but the cars for country site all using truck. Locals mostly using the truck as their main transportation from village to the town. Some of our travel packages to visit country site using this kind of transport.

In addition, for more details for Flores Komodo travel information can ask when you have plan to visit our region. We will give the real information according to the local condition during your requests.

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