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Flores Komodo Travel Information is tour information for visitors to know how to make right travel to Flores island and Komodo national park.  As a Flores leading travel company, we would to give some general information here.

Below i give general information for Flores Komodo travel. It’s suitable for tourists that need own arrangement. On Flores Komodo travel, we recommend starts from east to west part. It’s good combining between overland and boat trip.

Along you do holidays on Flores island, so overland is the way to cross. While to visit the islands of Komodo national park, so boat trip is the way to cross.

On Flores Komodo travel, we do not give information about tourist objetcs but focus on transportation, accommodation and meals. Other blogs can find for tourist object in Flores island.

How To get Flores island;

  • Air transportation;

Flores is one of the islands in Indonesia that has many airport. However, not all airports have direct flight to major cities in Indonesia. This is because the airports are prioritized to connect the provincial capital and other islands in East Nusa Tenggara province.

Airports were built by the government because East Nusa Tenggara province has many islands and geographically is mountainous and hilly. Those reason why Flores island has many small airport. Today Flores island has six airports that are currently operating.

Although some airports do not have direct flight to major cities in Indonesia, but passenger can connect with transit in other airports. So that you can continue your flight to major cities of Indonesia.

To reach Flores island from various major cities in Indonesia, there are two well-connected airports. That is airport of Maumere town in the east part and airport of Labuan Bajo town in the western part of Flores island.

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It’s the major airport in Flores that you can point your flight from many cities in Indonesia. For this time, those airports are well connecting from or to Kupang, Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya, Lombok and Makasar. So you can reach Flores island with direct flights.

Ende airport in the central of Flores become an alternatively for your flight. It’s easy to get transit in other major airport either in Flores or other islands. As long as Maumere and Labuan Bajo airport not possibility for flight, so airport of Ende town become alternative.

  • Land transportation;

So far, the public transportation in Flores island is well connected, especially between regency cities all over the island. Land transportation also can connect to various sub-districts and even to the villages.

Some of travel buses are serving with or without air condition. So passengers can choose according to your prefer. Those option service is only when you cross between the district.

Because Flores is one of best tourist destination in Indonesia, private car also easy to find. Private car with air condition easy to order with travel agent in Flores Island.

  • Sea Transportation;

There is many harbor in Flores island connect to inter island in East Nusa Tenggara province. Also national passenger shipping can connect to other provinces.

Ferry is connecting well for traveling around the islands in the province. The only national passenger shipping can connect between the islands of Indonesia.

The biggest Ferry harbor is Labuan Bajo town in western part of Flores island. The Ferry connect to Sape harbor east of Sumbawa island in the West Nusa Tenggara province. So it’s easy for tourist cross from Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa to Flores island.

Also Ferry boat connect well between Labuan Bajo town to Makasar in south of Sulawesi. But it’s schedule two times a week. Fast Ferry boat also available for connecting between Labuan Bajo town to Surabaya east of Java island.

Travel To Komodo National Park

So far you can’t go directly to the islands of Komodo national park without the town of Labuan Bajo, west part of Flores island. Labuan Bajo town become main place travel to Komodo National Park.

So, every visitors should to go through Labuan Bajo town, before travel to Komodo National Park. There is not direct connect either flights or boat to the islands of Komodo national park from other islands in Indonesia.

The only way to visit the island of Komodo national park is boat trip from the town of Labuan Bajo. Boat trip is available for private only. There is no public boat is serving.

Boat trip is serving either daily trip or live aboard. It’s depending on your preference. As long as you do not like stay on the boat, so should stay at hotel in Labuan Bajo town. Then daily trip will make between the Labuan Bajo and the islands of Komodo national park.

Boat Trip Riung 17 Islands;

Riung is a village located in north part of Flores island. It’s one of best place to see on Flores Komodo travel. However, Riung with 17 islands are wonder corals and colorful of fishes can be found here. Flying foxes also living around the mangrove tress here.

Here there are also Komodo dragons are living in their natural habitat. It’s located west of Riung village. We need time to find the Komodo drago here. Because they are living on the main land.

Boat trip is only the way to visit 17 islands of Riung. So, it’s same way to trip to Komodo National Park. Mostly the boat trip is not for live aboard. Boat trip is serve for daily trip only.

Meals And Accommodation;

  • Meals;

As long as you have plan for Flores Komodo travel, so meals is not problem. Because every place is easy to find food. Mostly dominated by Indonesian food. But also you can find European and Chinese in some restaurant.

  • Accommodation;

Accommodation is available every capital of regency. Although the accommodation is not star class but the facilities are standard. Star hotel only can find in the town of Labuan Bajo.

Hotel is limited every town, except in Labuan Bajo, west part of Flores Island. So, visitors need make early booking for room. Especially on high season from July to August every year.

Some of hotel can’t make online reservation system. So should to contact either with Fax or mobile telephones. The best way to get hotel is booking with travel agent in Flores island.

Flores Komodo Travel

We suggest to use the agent’s service as long as you would to make Flores Komodo travel. So it’s more easy to arrange all the tour components on your holidays.

Flores Komodo Travel

Because we are a leading travel company of Flores island, so you can get our services for Flores Komodo travel. If the information is not clear above, please kind to contact us.

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