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Indonesia tours
Indonesia tours
Indonesia tours

Indonesia tours is our offer to see other islands in Indonesia beyond our main destination that is Flores island and Komodo national park. We offer Indonesia tours with our tour packages where co operation with our best partner for operation or working directly. This is our largest tour packages cross between the islands of Indonesia. We will arrange intern island that conditioned by update flight connections one to other island.

To make easy for participants or visitors in flight arrangement, we offer our tour packages including domestic air fare. But if the visitors can do by your own, we only arrange some part of tour components beyond domestic flights.

In some area on Indonesia tours that visitors will cross with local wooden boat to reach remote islands or the river. Such as; Tanjung Puting national park at Borneo, Three Gillis at west Lombok and Komodo national park in west Flores island. Soft trekking or walking will be doing on area to see close of nature or wild life.

Of course, Indonesia tours that we are offering with our tour packages will cover highlight of Indonesia tourism attractions. Such as; Borobudur temple in Java, Orang Utan at Tanjung Puting national park in Borneo, Sasak tribe at Lombok, Komodo Dragon at Komodo national park and Kelimutu Three color lake in Flores island.

Visitor can tell us which part of Indonesia want to visit then we can organize. On the tour packages are publishing here become a sample of all Indonesia tours. Accommodation will be conditioning according to local situation each destination. Some of accommodation will be preparing on board such as; Kumai at Tanjung Puting national park and the islands of Komodo national park.

I addition that Indonesia tours will discover Indonesia archipelago beyond our main offers. It will visit the island of Bali, Sumba, west Timor, Lombok, Lembata, Sulawesi, Borneo and other islands. We offer this tours with ready-made tour packages as designed according to the local condition and flight connection intern island of Indonesia.

Finally, please find our Indonesia tour packages here or just find us if you have different plan to see Indonesia’s archipelago. We will help to organize the tour since your request is coming through our email.