Komodo Tour Packages

Komodo tour pacakges
Komodo tour pacakges
Komodo tour pacakges

Komodo tour packages is our priority destination on our travel marketing in Indonesia. Komodo tour packages showing visitors how to see Komodo Dragon, wild life snorkeling or diving at Komodo national park. The tour packages will cover to see the beauty of pure environment in the Jurassic park.

The Komodo tour packages is presenting as Indonesia highlight tourist destination in Indonesia. The tour packages starting from daily trip, 2, 3, 4 and 5 days to discover all over Komodo national park. Choose one of our tour packages discovering Komodo Dragons, wild life and snorkeling on clear water.

Mostly the tour starting from Bali then fly to Labuan Bajo town west part of Flores Island. Here, we offer all kind of Komodo tours from Bali with our Komodo tour packages with or without flight ticket. You can book and purchase flight ticket from your country with online booking. There is many flight company operate between Bali and Labuan Bajo/Flores Island. More than 5 flights a day operate between both of gate way.

All tours to the islands of Komodo national park will use boat from Labuan Bajo town west part of Flores island. Local wooden boats are preparing to bring clients either deck or cabin boat. All boat trip is modification for bringing tourist and all under control by master harbor before departure. The boat trip variate from small, medium and big boat.

We quote the price on the tour packages with cabin boat non air condition. Normally use fan. We can quote with air condition boat as long as visitors need it on the trip. Cabin boats is using for live aboard from 1 night or more while for daily trip will use deck boat since not need to sleep. If you choose the tour package stay at hotel in Labuan Bajo town/Flores island during the trip, we will prepare deck boat for daily trip.

All our boat is modifing to bring tourist to the Island with share toilet or private toilet depend on your request. Boat trip to Komodo national park prepared from local wooden boats modified to bring tourists to Komodo national park with;

>Boat trip with Deck use for sleeping covered from up side, table and chairs, sun deck, fresh water, toilet, two engines capacity from 6 – 15 peoples

>Boat trip with cabin without air condition, tables and chairs, sun deck, fresh water, toilet, two engine capacity from 2 – 12 peoples for small and medium size and 12 – 20 peoples for big size. This kind of boat trip also use share air condition and toilet.

>Boat trip with cabin air condition and private toilet normally completely with navigation systems capacity from 2 – 12 peoples for small and medium size and 12 – 20 peoples for big size.
Meals; Normally with Indonesian foods, Chinese foods and European foods.

Because limit air condition boat, we suggest to make early reservation before arrival. Especially at high season on July and August every year, please book for air condition boat at least 3 month before arrival. Air condition boats serving maximum 12 passengers and using 6 cabins while cabin non air condition maximum 6 passengers and using 3 cabins.

As a local Travel Company, Komodo Mega Tours preparing our own boats classifying from deck, cabin non air condition and AC boats. In case over booking on high season, we use also our partners that co-operation with our company. But all our partner’s boat under control of our management standard to meet our expectation in travel service.