Komodo Dive Trip

Komodo dive trip
Komodo dive trip
Komodo dive trip

Komodo dive trip is our Komodo diving tour packages to see wonder of corals and colorful of fishes at Komodo national park. On this tour packages is a part of our offers as a sample of other programs that can get when visitors make any request.

Komodo mega tours also offer daily dive to Komodo national park from Labuan Bajo combination to see Komodo Dragons in Rinca or Komodo Island. You can take this daily dive trip direct from our head office in Labuan Bajo town to get complete information.

Komodo national park is one of world class diving site with beautiful and wonderful corals and fishes around Komodo area. It is covered more than 50 Islands, komodo national park under the world conservation control and authorized by forestry department to protect either land or marine life. this to secure from the damages and destroying by local fisherman and other site of the area.

We recommend for visitors if want to make diving tours to the islands of Komodo national park should use live aboard than daily dive. It is more enjoy and hurry every day just spend on the boat go and from Labuan Bajo town. Diving with live aboard will stay on the boat during activity is running, so you have not only enjoy under water but see more interesting on the islands whiles relaxing.

On wet season, we do not operate for diving at Komodo national park since weather is not good and will get strong current. Because of meeting see, so Komodo national park is one of high current area especially on wet season. Wet season happening on January, February and some time until March every year. For security reason, we don’t serve for Komodo dive trip on the months above.

Boats and meals are preparing at all with Indonesian food and mix with Chinese or European. Sea food is our main course for trip with live aboard. Fresh vegetables, fishes, fruits and Indonesian spice will come along with you during the trip.