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Flores Komodo Tours Indonesia

We are here this time to arrange Komodo tours and Flores tour Indonesia. We put Flores Komodo tours in the first place of our tourism business. This time we arrange Komodo tours and Flores tour Indonesia with daily departure. Here we would bring you to visit the island of Flores, Rinca, Komodo and other islands. From time to time we arrange Flores Komodo tours here. For this reason why we are here.

Find now our best offers for this time

– Komodo tours with Komodo tour packages

– Daily Rinca Komodo island tours

– Flores island tours

– Flores Komodo island tours with Flores Komodo tour packages

– Eco tours Flores Komodo island

– Snorkeling or diving at Komodo National Park

– And many more

What we arrange from time to time

Since set up we always offers Flores Komodo tours up to the present time. Flores Komodo tours are combining of Flores island tour and tour to Komodo National Park. Along Flores island tours you do with overland with AC cars. While tours to the islands of Komodo national park use a tour boat. All tours to Komodo should to start from Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the west part of Flores island.

Visitors can’t go directly to the islands of Komodo national park from other places. So the only Labuan Bajo town is the place to begin Komodo tour. For this reason why Labuan Bajo Flores is very important for all kind of Komodo tours. So far we offers Komodo tours or Flores Komodo tour with daily departure.

Flight for Flores Komodo tours

However Komodo tours or Flores tour Indonesia should to connect the flight to several airports in Flores island. Direct flights are connecting daily from several major cities in Indonesia. But most of flights are started from Bali island for this time. There are also direct flights from Jakarta, Surabaya, Makasar as well as Kupang.

There are three major airports in Flores island so far. But the airport with high traffic is Labuan Bajo town. Labuan Bajo town is located in the west part of Flores island. While Maumere airport is a gate in the east part of Flores island. In the middle of Flores island we have Ende airport. You only connect the ticket to those airports from the place to begin with your flight.

Package Komodo tours

Komodo tour packages are all kind of programs for tours to Komodo national park. This is to visit the islands of Komodo dragon. That is to say tours Komodo National Park. Covering more than thirty islands around. But the only several islands to visit by tourist any time.

Rinca and Komodo are the best islands to visit from time to time. Rinca together with Komodo island are always become main tourist attractions. For this reason why we have daily Komodo island tours or Rinca island tour. Important to realize other islands are also important to visit. If you do Komodo tours the you will see many islands on the way.

We have so many Komodo tour package here. So that you can choose which one is prefer. To begin with daily until live aboard. If you want to do Komodo tours then point your flight to Labuan Bajo town. From there all Komodo tours to start with tour boat.

Package Flores Komodo tours

That is to visit Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park. We arrange programs here to start from east part of Flores island. You visit Komodo national park before ending in the west part of Flores island. As long as your plan to do Flores Komodo tours then point your flight to east part of Flores island. From there to start your tour.

But if you want to start from west part of Flores island, then please to tell us. So that we arrange program accordingly. Because we don’t put programs here. On the Flores Komodo tour packages, we only publish programs are begun from east part of Flores island.

Eco tour packages

Here we have Flores Komodo Eco tour packages. As long as you are interesting with special interest tour, then look in detail our program on this side. For further information, just find package Eco tours Flores Komodo here. Some of the programs will bring you to stay with local communities or stay with tents in the forest.

What to see there

A lot of tourist attractions to see on Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park. But Komodo dragons are first goal for Komodo tours. While Kelimutu lake and Komodo dragons are first goal on Flores Komodo tours. In general you see wonderful of nature, traditional villages or houses, wild life, corals and so much more.

Main activities

Along Flores overland you also do little walking or short trek. That is to see nearby tourist attractions on the way. Main walking, trekking or hiking are on the islands of Komodo national park. Snorkeling or diving will do on trip Komodo National Park. To see wonderful of corals and colorful of fishes.

Dive trip Komodo National Park

First thing to remember that we arrange dive trip to Komodo. To begin with daily or live aboard. Let we know as far as you have plans for Komodo dive tour. We publish also here for Komodo dive tour packages.


Along Flores island we use standard hotel for our customers. Up to the present time there is not star hotel. Star hotels are only find in Labuan Bajo town. So that we put star hotels for Flores Komodo tours only in the town of Labuan Bajo.

Land transport

This time we use air conditioned transports. AC cars are using for both for individuals or group along Flores island tours. The only special interest tour, probably use cars without AC. But it depends which places on the tour programs.

Sea transports

Along Flores Komodo tours we have two places should use tour boat. First is tour boat at Riung 17 islands. Small scale boat for short trip. The maximum is one hour trip for one way. That is cross small group islands nearby Riung village. To know program to visit Riung or not, please find Flores Komodo tour packages.

While tours Komodo national park always use big boat. Private boat is the only transport for Komodo island tours, Rinca tour and tour to other islands at Komodo national park. No public transports connect from Labuan Bajo to Komodo island until this time. To know more the classes of boat, so let to see on Komodo tour packages. Let also get in detail from our team.

Other Indonesia tour packages

We also arrange tours to the island of Java, Borneo, Bali, Lombok as well as Sulawesi island. In our province we also arrange tours to the island of Sumba, west Timor, Sabu, Rote as well as Lembata island. You can do inter islands tour. We publish programs here on Indonesia tour packages. Those Indonesia tours we arrange together with Flores Komodo tours.

How to confirm with us

It’s so easy to process. First you go find our Komodo tour packages or Flores Komodo tour packages. After that choose one of tour package. Next process is to send an email. To be sure make clear information. Don’t instantly. As long as you agree then make next process. Our team always give in detail since first until the end.

Komodo Mega Tours

A Flores leading tour operator since 2012. That is to say First Flores Komodo travel agency. Komodo Mega Tours is based in the center of Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the west part of Flores island. For this reason why we are the forefront for tours Flores Komodo. Komodo Mega Tours is legal, high reputation, trusted and secure travel company.

Here in detail of PT KOMODO MEGA WISATA

To know more about PT. KOMODO MEGA WISATA, then go to Komodo Mega Tours profile. Our license name is PT. KOMODO MEGA WISATA.


Komodo Mega Tours – Flores Travel Agency
Office address: Jln. Daeng Daniel, Waebo, in the center of LabuanBajo town.

West Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara province – Indonesia 86754

Tel: +62(0)385 2440044

Fax; +62(0)385 2440044

Mobile: +62 813 393 124 58

Whatsapp: +62 812 382 983 33

Office open: 08.00 AM close: 17.00 PM

Find contact Komodo Mega Tours on this side.

Flores Komodo tours with us

To get information in detail for Flores Komodo tours, just contact our team now. We always give respond as soon as possible. Because our team working different time, so that let send us email. Then you wait our respond.

As long as you are interesting, let we know this time. For this reason why we are here. We here to help you. Of course to help for your holidays. Hope meet with your plans. From time to time we do Flores Komodo tours. Come and join us now or next time.

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