Komodo Tours

Komodo tours is the way how to make tour to the islands of Komodo national park in Indonesia. Komodo tours will bring visitors to see Komodo Dragon, wild life, snorkeling or diving and other tourist attraction at Komodo national park. Visitors should be first goes to Labuan Bajo west part of Flores Island by plane and by Ferry boat or Pelni ship. Flight is connecting daily from Bali, Lombok, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Kupang.  Labuan Bajo town is the best way by visitors as entry point to visit Komodo national park. This time, more than 4 flights a day where operating by some flight’s company. Denpasar city Bali is center of flight and transit airport before fly to Flores Island.
Ferry boat is connecting daily from Sape town east of Sumbawa Island. Pelni(National cruise ship) connecting 1 time for 2 weeks from Benoa/Bali, Lembar/Lombok, Bima/Sumbawa and Makasar/Sulawesi Island.

Our Komodo tours to the islands of Komodo national park is offering daily starting from Bali, Lombok or Labuan Bajo town west part of Flores Island. We also offer daily trip from our office from Labuan Bajo where our office located on the heart of the town is using as tourist information center. If visitors need guaranteed of boat especially on high season (June, July, August, December and January) every year, we recommend to makes reservation at least 1 month before your arrival to keep comfortable service.

Loh Liang is one of the main entrance to visit Komodo island where all the process will be there as a requirement to enter the Komodo national park.

Loh Buaya is main post to visit Rinca Island which is second biggest Island at Komodo national park.

As the main post to serve the tourism activities of Komodo national park authorities have set up all facilities and infrastructure to support the activities of daily travel, study, research, eco tours, films, photographers, bird watching and others to support the activities for tourists.
All charges an entrance fee to be paying upon check this before the planned activity.
There is other entrance post of Komodo national park is serving some activity but can’t serve for entry permitted.

Komodo Mega Tours

Komodo tours, Komodo dragon tour and tours on Flores Island arranged by Travel Company of Flores Island Indonesia with private tour packages

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