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Komodo Trip From Labuan Bajo

Komodo trip from Labuan Bajo together with Flores island are a world tourist destination. How can there not be a day without tourist visiting both foreign and domestic tourists.

Which place to go on Komodo trip?

All trips to Komodo are aimed visiting at the islands of Komodo national park. Only place on earth where Komodo dragons are living in their natural habitat.

Although Komodo National Park has more than thirty islands, there are only four islands inhabited by Komodo dragons.

What is to see on Komodo trip?

First goal of Komodo trip is to see Komodo dragons. Indeed, Komodo dragons are the main reason. Although there are others, but Komodo is the top of all the goal above.

At the same time tourist will see beauty of nature, wild life, wonderful of corals, colorful fishes and so many others. That is to say Komodo trip is the paradise of the world.

Where to start Komodo tours

As long as you are in Indonesia, several cities can connect the plane to Labuan Bajo. At the present time Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Makasar and Lombok have direct flights to Labuan Bajo.

To be sure your flight leads to the town of Labuan Bajo, west part of Flores Island. If not, then you might head to different place. Again, leads your flight to Labuan Bajo surely.

Why Komodo trip from Labuan Bajo?

Of course there are many question, why do all Komodo trips begin from Labuan Bajo? The answer is, only Labuan Bajo as a place in and out to the islands of Komodo national park.

To be sure that there is no other place to start your journey to Komodo. Whatever and where ever starting the Komodo journey, it must go through the town of Labuan Bajo.

Labuan Bajo Komodo tour

Labuan Bajo is a town located in the western part of Flores Island Indonesia. A town that is close to the islands of the Komodo national park. At this time Labuan Bajo is growing as a center of tourism activities.

Various supporting facilities are growing well. Star hotels, restaurants, souvenir shop, travel agencies, boat and much more are easy to find around the town.

Flores Komodo trip

Above all, Flores island can’t separate from Komodo trip. Because of Komodo tour should go through Flores Island. So far, there is not other places to go for Komodo vacation.

For this reason Flores island is very important for all Komodo trips. So that we always put together Flores island tour packages and the Komodo national park. To summarize we put in the form of Flores Komodo tour packages.

Flores tour operator

Until now we always consistent to arrange various type of Komodo tours. We arrange both for individuals and tourist group. Because of we are local travel agency from Flores island.

Komodo Mega Tours is a leading tour operator of Flores Island. Our office located in the center of Labuan Bajo town. From here we organize Komodo tours from time to time.


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Komodo trip with Komodo Mega Tours

To summarize at all, we have Komodo tour packages here. So that you can choose. As long as not meet your plans, then ask to our team.

For this reason we are here. We put tours Komodo in the first place of our arrangements. Yes of course we are local travel agency.

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