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Flores Komodo travel Indonesia is all tourism information about Flores island tours and trip Komodo National Park. We put Flores Komodo tour in the first place of Indonesia tourism. Because of tour Flores Komodo is first handling of our travel agency. We arrange Flores Komodo travel Indonesia from time to time.

How to do Flores Komodo travel Indonesia

First is check your entry in Indonesia. Second is check your flight from there to Flores. Third is choose which place are going to visit on Flores Komodo travel Indonesia. There are three most importantly airports. In the east is Maumere town. In the middle of Flores is Ende town. Labuan Bajo town is in the west part of Flores Island.

As long as you are only plans for Komodo tours, then point your flight to Labuan Bajo. While if you do Flores Komodo tour then point your flight to east Flores Island. Because of we recommend to start from east part of Flores Island.

Agent for Flores Komodo travel Indonesia

If you don’t want to confuse, so you do with travel agency. Choose right travel agency for tour Flores Komodo. This time a lot of online market without license. Find legal travel agency is most importantly. So that you get secure on traveling.

To be sure your travel agency is legal. Easy to check now. Look in detail of official telephone and Fax number. Because of mobile is not license travel company. Check firstly before payment. Usually legal travel agency use company’s account. Not personal account for in this case.

We are local and legal from there

For this reason why we are here. Our travel is legal. It has license since 2012. Since 2014 we own fleet up to the present time. We are not only online here but also legality. So that give guarantee for your travel.

We are here to help you. Important to realize that legal is safe. While illegal is not safe. Of course it’s right and correctly. Not only bad impacts but also not safe for you.

Flores Komodo travel

Flores Komodo Travel Indonesia

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Flores Komodo Travel is tour information from Flores island and Komodo National Park. Beside arrange trip, we are also write articles here. Our articles focus on Flores Komodo tourism for this time. Get some travel tips from our region. Flores... read more

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