Tour Condition And Term

Dear visitors,

Greetings from Labuan Bajo, Flores Island Indonesia.

We are pleased you to read some of our tour condition and general term below. It’s important to know the tour condition before make confirmation.

However, some of tour condition and term should be a part of an tour agreements. It’s to avoid misunderstanding between you and our tour company.

Tour Condition; 

Because Indonesia is largest archipelago of the world, so domestic flights are important for transportation. Sea transportation is not effectively for long distance.

Sea transport not suitable for making holidays, because you will waste time to spend. Except you have long duration for holidays. Maybe for short distance to cross can do but should see the condition.

Domestic flight tickets, we do not always quote in our prices. Except for large tour packages to cross many island. But it’s depending on your prefer.

We charge domestic flight ticket as long as you need to include in our services. If you have purchase the domestic flight tickets, so we only need routes and schedule to fit with local tour arrangement.


Hotel, boat trip or tent are kind of accommodation can use. It’s depending on tour destination. However hotel and boat become main accommodation along holidays. Tent is only use for special interest or Eco tour that we offers also here.

Boat is very important accommodation for holidays to our country. It’s covering some islands and river. The boat trip use either for daily trip or living aboard.

We use accommodation in accordance with your preference along the communication process.


Meals mostly dominated by Indonesian cuisine and some Chinese and European. The food menu will be adjusted to the local condition along the tour.

We quote in tour component according to the local budget. As long as you have special diets please tell us, so we can arrange along your holidays.


Since you are interesting with our offers here, please send email to us. Communication via email is important for us to collect the data along our communication process.

So your email can see by our officers any time. So every officers are working belong to our tour company easy to see communication process.

Official telephone, Fax, mobile and Whatsapp are using for short communication or emergency situations. We need all communication process knows by our officers who working for tour arrangement.

We always reply your email on working time every day. Even on major national holidays. Except on Sunday is close.

Clear Communication;

Please make clear the information you needed, to avoid misunderstanding between our services and you. We would you to make a deal as long as you have clear at all.

We want your holidays get comfortable and satisfaction since communications until the end of the tour.

Do not hesitate to ask any time about everything what part of our travel services.

Reservation And Confirmation;

As long as you agree with our offers please to ensure; departure and arrival date, flight route and schedules, flight number and hotel preference.

Your confirmation should be following with payment method. I advance confirmation we ask deposit to keep the tour component that you will use along holidays.

We need your confirmation at least 2 month before your arrival to our country for high season. High season is coming on July and August every year. Sometime also coming on Christmas and New Year.

While on low season we need your confirmation at least 1 month before arrival. Sometime we cancel the tour as long as you make very late confirmation. We give priority to the clients who make early confirmation.

Prices And Rates;
We charge in IDR (RUPIAH). But you can use USD, EURO or other currencies but rates are subject to our currency value. Because our company’s bank account is using IDR (RUPIAH).


An invoice will send to you as long as we get your confirmation to take our services.

The invoice contains all agreed-upon tour components, company’s account, deposit amount and final payment.

Final Invoice will send to you when we get your payment arrives at our bank account. Final invoice as evidence and receipt.

Final invoice must be carried along with you on trips as a handle, proof and receipt from all our agreement. Fina invoice will be using to claim our services along the trip.

Cancellation And Refund;

We charge 60% of total deposit or total payment if you make cancellation 3 weeks or 21 days before arrival. It’s not included of transfer fee.

No refund as long as you make cancellation at least 7 days before arrival. No refund also if you no show on arrival date.


We do not responsibility to any loss, damages, flight cancellation, delay or any other personal accident beyond our control. We are not responsible for all natural disaster, civil war, demonstration or extraordinary events which cause cancel your tour.

Transferring And Payments;

Because we are legal tour company, so we use company account. All you transfer should be made to our company account. It’s for management control and government tax.

All your payment should be transfered to:


Tel/Fax: +62(0)385 2443 167

Account number; IDR (RUPIAH) ……….FOR SCEURITY we will send on invoice.


Bank address: Jln. Soekarno – Hatta, Labuan Bajo – Flores island, Indonesia 86754