Tour Komodo 3D/2N

3D/2N tour Komodo is package tour to Komodo National Park. This is best selection of Komodo tours for this time. Because of all to begin from your hotel in Labuan Bajo town. You start in the morning on the first day. Then back in the afternoon on third day. It means that you see more along the trip.

It’s quite different with general 3 day. In general on 3 day tour normally start from the airport. Then at the third day you will be ending at the airport. But tour Komodo 3D/2N here is to start from your hotel. Here is Komodo tour from Flores.

Place to begin with tour Komodo 3D/2N

Trip Komodo 3D/2N from Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the west part of Flores island. That is to say package tour Komodo to begin with a boat from the town of Labuan Bajo. To be sure this tour to start from Labuan Bajo town, Flores Indonesia.

Package tour Komodo 3D/2N is suitable for visitors who have own hotel in the town of Labuan Bajo. So that we don’t arrange your hotel before and after tour. Except you need us to book prior to arrival. Here we only arrange tour Komodo during 3 days and 2 night stay on the boat.

Choose class of the boat

As long as you ask tour Komodo 3D/2N, so we show also classes of the boat. Because of of this tour stay on the boat, then cabin is the main option. But we have three classes of cabin.

First is cabin boat fan. The second is cabin boat AC those classes are share bathroom. While we have cabin boat AC with private bathroom. This is deluxe class of boat. Choose one of those classes at the same time you confirm package tour Komodo.

Our services to start tour Komodo 3D/2N

Our services are to begin with picking up at your hotel Then dropping of you to hotel after tour. We can also to pick you up at other places. But with conditioned that you stay around Labuan Bajo. If you stay out side of the town, then perhaps we charge extra for car.

Tell us the place you are staying

After you confirm with package tour Komodo, then tell us which place you will stay. Something change to stay on going, you should to tell us. So that easy to know the address. Other words to say Labuan Bajo tours to Komodo.

Program in detail

First thing to remember all meals will get on the way. But the time is to see the situation. Our tour guide will handle one the way. So that you know the time for meals.

Package tour Komodo 3D/2N


First day tour Komodo 3d/2n

Our tour guide will pick you up at the hotel. Then transfer to harbor. From there depart to nearby island. That is Bidadari island. First welcome snorkeling to see wonderful of corals and colorful fishes.

After that depart to Rinca island. It’s second largest island of Komodo national park. Arrive at Loh Buaya, then walk up to the office. Process check in there before to begin with a trek. After check in then start to trek for short, medium or long trek. Here is the place to do tour Komodo. Explore to see the Komodo Dragon on their natural habitat.

See also other wildlife. Such as; buffaloes, deer, monkey, wild boar and some kind of birds. But they are all in all living at natural habitat. After that go back to the boat. Depart to Padar island. Arrive at Padar then make trek to the top of hill. This is the place to see great landscape. That is to say here you see real of Jurassic park. Go down to the boat then sleep around here. As long as has enough time then, depart to next island.


Second day tour Komodo 3d/2n

After breakfast then go to Loh Liang. The office of Komodo island. Arrive at Loh Liang then check in again. After that start to walk around. If you are lucky then see Komodo Dragons and other wildlife. After walking then go back to the boat. Or maybe shop statues or other things with locals.

Depart to Pink beach. It’s the best place to see wonderful of corals and colorful of fishes. See also pink color of sand beach. After that depart to Gili Lawa Darat. Arrive there then you trek to the top of hill. Carefully because of rocky climbing. From the top of hill you see wonderful landscape there. Imagine you see more than thirty islands around Komodo National Park. That is to say see the map of the islands for tour Komodo.

Sleep on the boat around the area. It’s wonderful place for anchorage of the boat. Because of small circle strait to safe your boat. Calm water and silent area. Your position is in the north of Komodo island.


Third day tour Komodo 3d/2n

In the morning depart to Manta Point. It’s the place to see Manta rays. But it’s depending on situation. Snorkeling can do but see the situation. Here is strong currency. Our tour guide will give instruction to you. After that depart to Kanawa island.

Arriva at Kanawa you get snorkeling. See corals and fishes. Make relaxing on white sandy beach. After that depart to Labuan Bajo. Arrive at harbor then transfer to your hotel.

Tour Komodo is ending at your hotel.

Price to include on tour Komodo 3d/2n;

Private AC car, meals, tour guide, all kind of entrance fee, snorkeling equipment, mineral water, coffee or tea and boat for 3 days.

Price not to include on tour Komodo 3d/2n;

Alcoholic and soft drink, personal expenses, laundry, tipping and other fees that not mentioned above.

Package tour Komodo 3D/2N

As long as you interest, then tell us. Please make clear communication before make deal with us. Ask in detail about tour Komodo 3D/2N. For this reason we are here. We are here to help you.

We wait your news this time. Or maybe you do in the next time. So that we always here for you. We arrange tour Komodo from time to time. Because we are local tour company. Find us this time. Perhaps in the next time.