Tours to Komodo national park

Tours to Komodo national park is our tour information how to make holidays to the islands of Komodo national park. Since our Travel Company locating in Labuan Bajo town where the main gate way to make tours to Komodo national park. That the reason why our travel company focus to organize all kind of tours to Komodo national park for visitors who want to make holidays to our region.

Komodo National Park is one of the national parks in Indonesia, locate in the west of the island of Flores which consists of more than 30 islands covered with the main attraction is giant Lizard of Komodo Dragons or Varanus Komodoensis which is called “ORA” by local peoples. Komodo Dragons is the rest of the ancient animals expected descendants of dinosaurs that lived millions of years ago.

The major island is Komodo, Rinca, Padar, Gili Motang and Nusa Kode. Komodo is the biggest island of the park that using as the main gate way to visit. Rinca is the second big island at Komodo national park where Komodo Dragon and wild life are living around. Rinca and Komodo island to become the main point to see Komodo Dragons and wild life.

Komodo national park is one of world class diving spot where rich with corals and colorful of fishes can find each area of snorkeling sites. It is one of the tourist attraction beyond Komodo Dragon and wild life. Many dive operator is arranging dive trip including snorkeling on crystal water. Snorkeling can do any where around the snorkeling sites. Because of rich with tropical corals and colorful of fishes, make Komodo national park is one of the world dive destination in Indonesia.

The Islands in the Komodo national park called the island of Komodo Dragons, because some large size of the island is home of Komodo Dragons/Varanus Komodoensis and other wild animals.
Besides Komodo Dragons, there are some wild animals, snakes and several species of birds that living in the Komodo national park which is the prey of the giant lizard.
Komodo National Park is one of the world class diving spots as part of marine tourism activities which is home to various species of fish and colorful corals almost cover all the islands in the region.

For some special events such as: film, photographer, fishing sport and others need permitting process to the Ministries in Jakarta. Then, entry letter permission can get at Komodo national park’s authority based in the town of Labuan Bajo, the western part of the island of Flores.
Many types of tours that can make into Komodo national park, both on land and at sea for various types of activities like seeing Komodo Dragons, wildlife, diving or snorkeling.

In addition that tours to Komodo national park need specific information about the way to get there, kind of tour packages, boat trip, season weather, right Travel Company of Flores island and other travel information that really need before visit to our region.

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