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2D1N Rinca island tours here is to see Komodo dragons as well as wild life at Rinca island. This one of best Komodo tour package so far. It’s suitable for visitors who have short holidays. Rinca is the second largest island of Komodo national park. More than thousand Komodo dragons are living there.

As far as you have short holidays, then 2D1N Rinca island tours is first choice. Although short duration but you still see Komodo dragons. Because that is first goal for all kind of tours Komodo.

How to get there

This time is easy to get 2D/1N Rinca island tours. You only need to get Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the west part of Flores island. From there you begin the trip. The center of all kind of Komodo tours.

To get Labuan Bajo town, you need firstly to connect the flight. There are several direct flights connect from major cities this time. Bali island, Jakarta and Surabaya are main place to connect the flight to Labuan Bajo town.

More than two flights a day. So it’s easy to go there. To be sure your flight point to Labuan Bajo. We suggest to issue return ticket. So that you know how long to stay on trip.

What to see there

Of course to see Komodo dragons. Because it’s first goal to do 2D1N Rinca island tours. You also see wonderful of nature, wild life, corals and more. All attractions will do with short activities there.

During on the land you do walking, trekking or hiking. It’s how to see Komodo dragons and wild life. While during on the sea you do snorkeling or swimming. We arrange 2D1N tours Rinca island from time to time. Because we always give guarantee to see Komodo dragons at Rinca island. It’s according to our experience.

Book 2D1N Rinca island tours now

As long as you are interesting, let we know this time. For this reason why we are here. We here to help you. We arrange Rinca tour from time to time. Come and join us now.

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