Flores Island Trip Indonesia

Flores island trip
Flores island trip
Flores island trip

Flores island trip Indonesia is general tourism information about Flores tourist attractions. Flores is an island of Indonesia. East part of Bali island. Flores is an island of East Nusa Tenggara province. The area of Flores island is 13,540 square kilometers. Stretching from west to east part about 800 kilometers.

So far Flores island is one of the best tourist destination in Indonesia. A lot of tourist attractions can find around the island. For this reason why we arrange Flores island trip.

Topography of Flores Island

This is a unique island. Because of mostly the land is covering with mountainous and hilly. Topography of Flores is different from other islands in Indonesia. Here is a volcanoes line in Indonesia.

There is some active volcanoes around the island. As long as you do Flores island trip, then you find some active volcanoes. Some of the volcanoes are smoking. Because of mountainous and hilly every where, so that Flores island tours gives great landscape for visitors.

Find local peoples on Flores Island trip

In general there is two type of peoples. That is Melanesian and Polynesian. In the east part of the island mostly inhabited by Polynesian. While in the west part mostly inhabited by Melanesian.

Flores peoples migrated from China in thousand years ago. It’s according to our story. But they migrated not only a time but many decade. And also they are not migrate directly to Flores Island. Probably some of them stay at other islands before to Flores.

First migration decade estimate since second century AD. Then every century contentiously arrived on the island. Since at the time they had communities around the island.

Colonialism era

Portuguese is the first country arrive in Flores Island on 1,600. This is their first expedition to east Indonesia. Since at the time, locals come to Catholic religion. Because of Portuguese not only for colonialism but also spread the religion.

At the time Portuguese state in the east part of Flores Island. They didn’t come to west part of the island until Dutch arrival. For this reason why east Flores’s peoples have some Portuguese’s ceremonies are holding. It is continuously until this time.

Second country is Dutch. Dutch stayed more then 100 years in Flores Island. Dutch was staying in the west part of Flores Island. But on other hand Dutch came together with German missionaries.

Missionaries focused to the Catholic religion spread. That is why there some German priests still find on 1980 up decade. During Dutch colonialism era, at the same time missionaries built church and school foundation. You find everything as far as do Flores island trip.


Because of under Portuguese and Dutch colonialism, that is why peoples of Flores are mostly Catholic. More than 80 percents are Catholic. Moslem also living around the island. They come since 1900 up because of fishing, business and government task.

The rest is Hindu and Buddhist. But not so many. Probably five percents of total populations. The peoples are living harmonies since arrival until this time. To see some ceremonies, we special offers of Flores island trip.


Mostly peoples are working as farmer. Traditional farmer system usually run at beaten area. While other main job are fishermen, official and business. Flores island is growing well for cashew nut, chocolate, coconuts, candle nut, corns, bananas and so much more. Find at all on tours Flores island.

Tourism of Flores Island

Sinca 1980 until this time, tourism is growing well in Flores Island. Together with Komodo National Park, Flores is become a world tourist destination. It’s because of many tourist attractions around the land.

Tourists visiting increase from time to time. For this reason tourism become a main sector around Flores Island this time. Kelimutu three colored lake is one most tourist attractions. Nature, culture, hand weaving, marine life and wild life are main tourism destination.

Together with Komodo National Park

Flores island is very important for tour Komodo. From there all tour Komodo to begin with boat trip. Both daily Komodo island trip or live aboard.

Komodo Flores tourism is growing well this time. Tourism facilities also are growing together with number of visitors increasing from time to time. Especially in the west part of Flores Island.

Labuan Bajo is well-known tourism center of east Indonesia. Here is the place to do Komodo tours. Here also visitors can find good tourism facilities.

Road condition in Flores Island trip

Main road is fully pavement this time. It’s cross from east to west part of Flores Island. So that it is not problem for crossing now. Usually visitors are doing with overland tour.

To the country side or beaten area, probably you find bumpy or stony road. But road is pavement in general along the island. This time there is not problem for transportation. Not only in the town but also to the districts.

How to get there

This time is very easy to get Flores Island. There is two main airport. Maumere town has good airport for your flight to Flores. It’s for east part of Flores. While in the west part, Labuan Bajo town is the gate way to Flores island. Labuan Bajo is only place for tour Komodo.

Many flight can connect well to these airport. Alternatively is Ende town in the middle of Flores Island. Maybe you use when Maumere and Labuan Bajo not possibility. In short it’s easy to connect flights for Flores island tours from other places on this time.

How to make Flores island trip

Flores trip is one most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. Here you find different from other islands. Because of differently nature, culture, geography, peoples and much more. Flores island trip is one of the best destination for Indonesia tour packages.

To get further information, find our travel company now. So that you can get all what is doing. We are right way your choice. We always arrange private tour. Not share, open or catalog. We only arrange private tour for Flores Komodo.

Meals on Flores island tours

It is easy to find meals around the island. Even you can find at the country side. Mostly food is Indonesian. But also Chinese and European. Local restaurant can find every where around the island. Food is using for peoples.

Transportation on Flores island tours

Easy to find local transport. But for tourism services we use private cars. The cars are using both for individual or group. There is many buses around Flores Island.

Flores Travel agency

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Flores island trip Indonesia

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