Komodo Dive Tour Live Aboard

Komodo dive tour
Komodo dive tour
Komodo dive tour

Komodo dive tour is Komodo tour packages for diving at the islands of Komodo national park Indonesia. We arrange either living aboard or daily diving. The islands of Komodo national park is one the world class of diving spot.

To do Komodo dive tour here, we have a division to organize. As a Komodo travel agency, so put Komodo dive tour in the first place of our arrangement.

Daily Komodo dive tour

Daily Komodo dive is a kind of diving trip starts every day from the town of Labuan Bajo, west part of Flores island. It’s meant that you will stay at hotel in the town of Labuan Bajo along the holidays.

You will make daily dive starts in the morning and back in the afternoon. You will visit some diving spot at some islands at Komodo national park every day.

Komodo Dive tour with living aboard

It’s to dive to the islands of Komodo national park with living aboard. We don’t use deck boat for diving trip. The only cabin boat we use for diving. Deck boat is a option only for daily trip Rinca Komodo. We have some of live aboard packages you can get.

To get details of program as long as you make communication with our team. The program will arrange for you according to your inquiry.

Here is our division for diving to Komodo National Park. Whatever you want in Komodo dive tour, so we can arrange very well. It’s because we have a tour division. Our dive master mostly local peoples that experience so much around the park.

Dive Komodo National Park

Komodo national park is one of world class diving site. Find wonderful of corals and colorful of fishes around. It is covered more than hundred dive spot. For this reason why we arrange daily Komodo dive tour.

Komodo National Park is covering more than 30 Islands. The islands of Komodo national park is a conservation area. And so visitors come along the regulation during activities. It is authorized by forestry department of Indonesia.

Not bring something

Conservation program is running well now. This is to secure from the damages or destroying of corals. Above all, to protect Komodo dragons and wild life don’t bring something from the park. That is first thing to remember on Komodo dive tour.

A lot of place for diving can find here. It’s a reason why Komodo National Park become world class dive site.

Get south part dive site; south Komodo and Rinca island. Pink beach, Manta, Siaba and Sebayur are in the middle area. And north part; Sabolo, Gili Lawa laut and Bidadari island.

Entrance Komodo National Park

Entrance fee of Komodo National Park is charge per day per person. Diving activities are different from regular or normal trips. Especially for diving activities we pay different entrance to the islands of Komodo national park.

Special payment or charge except for specification trips. Such as; film, photographer, Eco tour and other activities are need special arrangement. For this reason why entrances are different on Komodo dive tour.

Regular payment is per person per day will be charged on check in time. On our tour packages we quote all entrance to include in our price.

How to book Komodo dive tour

To make any booking, we suggest you to ask our team. If you have a plan, so please tell us what do you want to do. We will arrange along your plan. But if you don’t know more about diving information here, so you send an email.

What we recommend for this time

We recommend to take living aboard along the holidays. It’s fully activities than daily trips. Because you will stay on the boat along the trips.

Living aboard is different with daily trip. Daily dive trip will spend time on the boat than dive activities. That is a reason we recommend to take live aboard.

Availability for Komodo dive tour

On wet season, we don’t operate for diving at Komodo national park. Wet season is coming on December to March every year. Sometimes the weather is not permit. Usually we don’t operate dive to the area of Komodo island. But first you have to ask our team. Because sometime the weather is changing.

Meals on Komodo dive

Meals is preparing with Indonesian food. Also serve Chinese or European. Sea food is our main course for trip with live aboard. Fresh vegetables, fishes, fruits and Indonesian spices will come along with you during the trip.

Go Komodo dive with us

So far we have not many programs here. So that you can ask any time you want. Whatever you want to do dive at the islands of Komodo national park. We will arrange tour programs accordingly.

Make sure at all

To be sure to get detail information from our team. Ask to be clearly to know what we have for Komodo dive tour. Our Komodo dive trip package can do with daily or live aboard. Just tell us what do you want to do.

Our Komodo dive tours package can also combine with regular tour. It’s meaning that do trek on the land and do diving. So that you get altogether in one tour package.

Dive Master on Komodo dive tour

We do both local and overseas dive masters. Of course we give priority to the local dive master. But they should have long experience and license. Some of locals are become instructor on this time. See also Flores Komodo Eco tour on this side.

See also our Flores Komodo tour packages on this side. It’s combining tours Flores island and Komodo tours. Or you can ask to combine with Flores tour and Komodo dive tour. Do overland in Flores island then next to do dive trip.