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Contact Komodo Mega Tours as long as you are interesting with our offers here. We always help you if related of our services. We present here to arrange all kind of tours Komodo and Flores Island trip.

Any requests please contact Komodo Mega Tours to meet your requirement. Our tour packages focuses to Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park.

Working time

All your requests will respond soonest on working time. Our online form is not working properly for this time. Then so please send via our email address below.

Do not forget to send both of the email below. We appreciate for clients who use email to contact Komodo Mega Tours. Since our staff will sift system, so every body can see the email.

Because differently time on working, so that through email is importantly. Email is properly to use than do by phone or whatsapp. For shortly message is okay, but large get difficulty.

This is also important for us to collect the data along our communication. If go final and deal, then we have reference. Not only for one staff but also others.

Please do not make personal email to our team. Because management not give responsibility if something happen. If do this, so it’s not related to our management.

Company’s email

The only below email we use for travel company even for domestic also. Do not hesitate to ask everything as long as our services.

We use same email for all clients from time to time.

If you have sent an email, you can also send a message via WHATSAPP. So our team will know early your email. But Whatsapp is not allowed for formal communication.

Whatsapp number; +62 8238 2983 33 holding by Mrs. Hendrika


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Thanks for your attention and waiting for your requests.