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Contact Komodo Mega Tours as long as you are interesting with our offers here. We will help you as far as related to our services. Any requests please contact Komodo Mega Tours this time. It’s to meet your requirement.

First thing to remember is to contact Komodo Mega Tours with email. We really need do at all with email. For this reason why we are here not selling with price. Because of price change any time without prior to notice.

And to be sure all our information you get from our team. We don’t do to be instantly. We need you to get in detail update information from the fielding. So that you know in detail before make a deal with our Flores Komodo tour packages.

How to contact Komodo Mega Tours

First you just find our daily Komodo tour package or Flores Komodo tour packages on this side. If you find one or more program of the tour packages that prefer to do, then so tell us. You can ask everything as long as it’s part of our offers.

All your requests will respond soonest on working time. Our online form is not working properly for this time. Then so please send via our email address below.

Do not forget to send both of the email below. We appreciate for clients who use email to contact Komodo Mega Tours. Since our staff will sift system, so every body can see the email.

Differently working time

Because differently time on working, so that through email is importantly. Email is properly to use than do by phone or whatsapp. For shortly message is okay, but large get difficulty.

This is also important for us to collect the data along our communication. If go final and deal, then we have reference. Not only for one staff but also others.

Please do not make personal email to our team. Because management not give responsibility if something happen. If do this, so it’s not related to our management.

Company’s email

The only below email we use for travel company even for domestic also. Do not hesitate to ask everything as long as our services. We use same email for all clients from time to time.

If you have sent an email, you can also send a message via WHATSAPP. So that our team will know that your message arrives. But Whatsapp is not allowed for formal or legal transactions.

Here to contact Komodo Mega Tours


Jln. Mawar, Waebo – Labuan Bajo Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara – Indonesia

Tel and Fax; +62 385 2440044

Mobile; +62 8133 9312 458

Whatsapp = +62(0) 813 2030 5330



As long as you have option to make deal along in communications, then next is to make confirmation. Just tell our team you go or not with our offers. Then our team will bring you to the next process. Urgent booking is only for daily trip Rinca Komodo or short trip. But we have to check whether boat is possible or not. Probably if you are going to fly to Labuan Bajo town.

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Contact Komodo Mega tours

Thanks for your attention and waiting for your requests. Hope you will be happy with our services on Flores Komodo tour packages. We will give get back to you soon after receive your email. Leave your message below. Probably you need also send manual.

Just in case if technical problem with online form contact below, let you also do in manual. But you know if it’s problem or not on sending time. Come and join now. Find here our Komodo tours packages Indonesia with us.