Java Komodo Tour 5D/4N

Java Komodo tour
Java Komodo tour
Java Komodo tour

Java Komodo tour 5D/4N is Indonesia tours to visit Java island and the islands of Komodo national park. Java Komodo tour is a part of Indonesia tour packages.

Find the program whenever you do java Komodo tour. To be sure Java Komodo tour is suit for visitors who arrival in Jakarta or Yogyakarta city. And it’s suit as long as you have six day or more for Indonesia holidays.

Here is the way to visit a part of Java Island and the islands of Komodo national park. Two different island but do in a tour package. We bring you to see two differently place of seven wonder of the world.

Route of Java Komodo tour

If you arrive in Jakarta city, so you start from there. Then fly to Yogyakarta central of Java Island. From here you do trip. Visit Prambanan temple as well as Borobudur temple.

From Yogyakarta you fly to Labuan Bajo, west Flores Island. Your transit point is Bali or Surabaya city. Because of there is not direct flight from Yogyakarta to Labuan Bajo town. So you do transit first before fly to west Flores island.

Next is taking boat for trip Komodo national park. After trip is ending, then fly to Jakarta or next destination from Labuan Bajo town. Here is the place where all Komodo tours started. That is all route of Java Komodo tour.

What to see on Java Komodo tour 5D/4N

On this tour package you see Borobudur temple as well as Prambanan temple. Borobudur and Prambanan temple located in central of Java island. Secondly is to see Komodo dragons. Komodo dragons are living at the islands of Komodo national park. You are not only see Komodo dragons but also wild life, corals and fishes. Here is only place to see Komodo dragons.

Boat trip Komodo National Park

Important to realize that you use boat to visit the islands of Komodo national park. Boat is using for trip Rinca island and Komodo island. According to this program you stay one night on the boat. For this reason you should choose class of the boat. Boat is one of main important component of Java Komodo tour.

First option is cabin boat fan with share bathroom. Usually all cabin boat fan is share bathroom or toilet. Second option is cabin boat AC but share bathroom. And third option is cabin boat with private bathroom. Third option usually limited boat. For this option we call deluxe boat trip. All safety equipment is same whatever classes. Differently is only facilities inside.

Please choose the boat since you make first communication. Probably you ask first type of the boat. After that you choose one the class. It’s very important for to quote the price. Because of different option is differently price. Don’t hesitate to ask our team firstly. Even you ask our team to send you pictures of boat every options.

Flight routes

To be sure to fix the flights of Java Komodo tour. Under those circumstance please careful to connect the flight in detail as follow.

Firstly is your flight to Yogyakarta. From where you start the tour. Secondly is Yogykarta to Labuan Bajo, west part of Flores Island. Flores is the island to begin with tour Komodo. Even also tours Flores Komodo.

Thirdly is Labuan Bajo to Jakarta, Bali or next destinations. After tour Komodo then you fly back to next destination.

Look at the program below

Java Komodo tour 5D/4N

1 = YOGYAKARTA ARRIVAL – PRAMBANAN TEMPLE – HOTEL = Sahid Raya hotel or similar

Picking up service at airport then drive to Jogjakarta city. To begin with Prambanan temple. Next visit Sultan palace and water castle of Taman Sari that is formerly for king’s family. After that drive to hotel. Wait until dinner time at hotel or local restaurant.

2 = BOROBUDUR TEMPLE – KALIADEM – SILVER INDUSTRY = Sahid Raya hotel or similar

Java Komodo tour 5D/4N

This time you see a world seven wonder of Indonesia. See Borobudur temple is the great Buddhist temple with amaze construction and history. Drive to Kaliadem slope of mount Merapi. Lunch get at local restaurant.

Next visit silver home industry, shopping of Batik and Malioboro street. Drive back to hotel. Dinner is serving at hotel.


Java Komodo tour 5D/4N

After breakfast transfer to airport for flight to Labuan Bajo, west Flores Island. Usually your flight is transit in Bali Island. Also flight is transit in Surabaya city east of Java Island.Upon arrival then transfer to harbor for boating to Rinca island. Usually take two hour. But depend on local weather. Arrive at Rinca to begin with check in process.

Here is the place to see Komodo dragons. To begin with trek around the area. You are not only see Komodo dragon but also see wild life. Buffaloes, deer, monkey and wild boar can see as long as you are lucky.After that go back to the boat depart to Kalong Island. Arrive at Kalong, then wait until the time where Flying foxes are coming from mangrove trees. Anchorage is around there. Dinner get on the boat.

4 = KALONG – KOMODO ISLAND – PINK BEACH – LABUAN BAJO = Jayakarta beach resort hotel or similar

Java Komodo tour 5D/4N

Depart to Komodo island. Maybe you get breakfast on the way. Arrive at Loh Liang on Komodo island begin with check in process. Here is place to see Komodo dragons. Also you see some kind of wild life. After that go back to the boat.

Depart to Pink beach. Here is the great place for snorkeling. See wonderful of corals and colorful fishes around here. After that depart to Labuan Bajo town. Arrive at harbor then transfer to hotel for accommodation as well as dinner.


After breakfast then drive to Batu Cermin cave. In general to see stalactites and stalagmite. See also coral fossils in the cave. After that drove to airport. From here you fly to Jakarta or next destination.

Today is latest day of Java Komodo tour. You fly to Jakarta or Bali as well as to the next destinations.

Price to include in our services on Java Komodo tour
  • Meals along itinerary
  • Private car
  • Hotel on the lists above
  • Tour guide
  • Cabin boat
  • All entrance on the tour program
Price not to include in our services on Java Komodo tour

– Flight tickets

– Personal expenses

– Laundry

– Travel insurance

– Tips

– Other fees that not mentioned above

Java Komodo tour 5D/4N

Tell our team by sending an email as long as you are interesting with Java Komodo tour. This is a part of our offers for Indonesia tours. As far as you are interesting with this tour then let we know.

Hope this tour package meet your plan. We are here to help you. We wait your email. Do not hesitate to contact us now. We have experience to organize Indonesia tour from time to time.

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