Travel Flores Komodo Indonesia

Travel Flores Komodo
Travel Flores Komodo
Travel Flores Komodo

Travel Flores Komodo is importantly tourism information both Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park Indonesia. Because Flores Komodo is our main destination in Indonesia tour. Then so we give priority information from both destinations.

The information to begin with Komodo daily trip or live aboard tour. Also to combine Flores island tour and Komodo tour.

Get travel Flores Komodo information

Let’s find several informations from our region what we have and what to offer for you. Below is our information how you to make travel to Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park. Perhaps can help you how to do right way to travel to our region.

Together with Flores Komodo

First thing to remember that travel Flores Komodo, can’t separate each others. It’s because if you want to make tour Komodo, then should go through Flores island.

There is no other way to go directly to Komodo National Park. No transport connect directly up to the present time. For this reason why we always put together both Flores and Komodo. That is to say one destination.

How to get there

This time, there is two gateway to visit both Flores island and Komodo National Park. In the east part of Flores island, Maumere town become entry point. Some major cities in Indonesia connect as well as flight to Maumere town.

While, in the west part of Flores island, there is Labuan Bajo town as best gateway. Important to realize that Labuan Bajo town is tourism center in the middle of Indonesia. Even more to the east part of Indonesia.

This is one of the most well flight connecting than other places in our province. Some major cities are connecting daily flight to Labuan Bajo town.

At this time, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Lombok and Makasar are daily flight connect to Labuan Bajo. Even more than one flight every day from those cities. So far travel Flores Komodo is easy to connect by flights to get both destination.

What to see

Firstly goal to travel Flores Komodo is Komodo dragons. The only place on the earth, where Komodo dragons are living in their natural habitat. Komodo dragons not only live at Komodo National Park, but also some part of Flores Island.

Beyond Komodo dragons, there is a lot tourist attractions can see on travel Flores Komodo. Nature, marine life,culture, wild life, traditions and way of life become importantly to see.

Kelimutu three colored lake is one of the most nature dramatic to see. It’s one of the world wonderful nature and dramatic sight. Located in the middle of Flores Island.

Many traditional village or houses along Flores Island. Maybe you can’t see at other places. Traditional villages or houses are different from one to other regency. It’s colorful of ethnic groups along Flores Island.

See more on travel Flores Komodo

Riung is one of the best place to see among travel Flores Komodo. Seventeen islands where find nearby Flores island. Riung is located on the north of Flores.

Here, visitors can do snorkeling or diving. Wonderful of corals and colorful fishes easily to find here. Some islands show white sandy beaches as well as.

At Riung village, you are not only to see corals and fishes but also Komodo dragons. Although Komodo dragon is different from size with Komodo National Park, but it’s real Komodo. Need special arrangement to see Komodo dragons there.

Not only above tourist attractions to see on travel Flores Komodo, but a lot of thing to see out there.

What to do

The road is well pavement this present time. Usually to go some remote areas is differently road. Some bumpy road, can meet on country side. But the cars are doing well for driving to the remote area. It’s not so bad. And you can also with motorcycles for Flores Komodo travel.

Trekking or hiking and walking is main activities to reach tourist objects. But it is not difficulty. Except you do special tour. Special tours, we do on Eco tour packages. Here you can find the program as well as.

Land and sea transportation

Public transportation can easily find around Flores island. As well as connect from one place to another. Mostly for public transport not use air conditioned car. In general, only few car is using AC for public transport.

To get private with AC, importantly to contact tour operator and travel agencies. Local tour operator is mostly dominate with reliable prices.

To visit the islands, private boat trip is importantly. However, the only private boat trip can connect well.

No public transport up to the present time. Important to realize, that is only for Komodo National Park and 17 islands at Riung district. However transportation for this time is good for Flores Komodo travel.

Accommodation and meals

Along Flores island, there are not star hotels every regency for this time. Star hotels are only in Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the west part of Flores Island. But non star hotel is standard facilities. The hotel used by travelers since 1980 until up to the present time. It’s local tour condition of travel Flores Komodo for this time.

Meals are very easy to get in the town as well as the small districts along the land. Indonesian food is the main menu in general. But every main town is serving Chinese, European and Indonesian food.

Tour operator

Komodo Mega Tours is a Flores tour operator and travel agency. Bases in the center of Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the west part of Flores Island. For this reason why we provide package travel Flores Komodo with various costs.

As long as you want need our travel services, then please contact our team. We arrange either individual or group tour. We prepare at all so far with Flores Komodo tour packages.

Do not worry about our legality of company. Not only online market we do but also because of we have license travel company. However, Flores and Komodo we put different from other tours Indonesia.

Travel Flores Komodo

This time is easy to make travel Flores Komodo. Not only for adventure but also exclusive tours. Plan now travel Flores Komodo with private tour. Ask our team any time as long as you have questions.

From time to time we do for Flores Komodo travel. For this reason why we are here. In the hope that meet with your plans. Wait your news this time. Or maybe you want do in the next time.

See also Komodo island tours on this side. Maybe you interest to do dive. Because we have a division for diving arrangement. Look in detail of programs.