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Komodo tours
Komodo tours
Komodo tours

Komodo tours package are all in all here now for you as long as you want to visit the islands of Komodo national park and Flores island Indonesia. Whatever your plan to see the Komodo Dragon and wildlife to our region, let to find our tour company. Komodo tours package is our first and best offer for travelers of Indonesia tour packages from time to time. Here, Komodo tours together with Flores island tour that we offer for travellers are the right ways to see the Komodo Dragons, wildlife, corals, nature, culture, and so much more. We are here to serve travelers that want visit our region. We arrange all kind of tour to Komodo National Park and Flores island trip with private tour packages.

Komodo Mega Tours Indonesia

Komodo Mega Tours Indonesia is a leading tour operator and travel Company since 2009 based in the town of Labuan Bajo in the western part of Flores island. Because of local tour operator of Flores island, we of course know more what we have on our region. Your directly reservation will get the real cost with high quality services. So far we are successful to give best service for all our clients who have been with us on Flores Komodo tours.

To do Komodo tours and Flores island tour with us, you just find our Komodo tour packages or Flores Komodo tour packages are publishing here. However, we don’t publish at all the tour packages here. What you see here are all regular tour packages but we have more Flores Komodo tour packages out there. Of course you get more Flores Komodo tour packages as long as you send us a request.

Here is the islands to visit on Komodo tours Indonesia

Your visiting will see most popular islands or places that are; Komodo, Rinca, Padar, Pink beach, Manta point, Flores island and more. Since you send us an email, you will get in detail about tour conditions, program of Komodo tour packages or Flores Komodo tour packages, cost per person, boat, land transport, meals, where to start and ending, payment process and more.

What and who we arrange on Komodo tours and Flores island tour

We arrange Komodo tours and Flores island tour both individual, small and large group tour. You can choose which one you want to do beause of we have two destination are offering. First is Komodo tours to the islands of Komodo national park and Flores Komodo tours. The detail what is Komodo tours and Flores Komodo island tours here, just find our general information below.

Our quotation is charged per person with minimum two peoples for once departure. It’s not meant that we do share or collection trip. So far, we don’t arrange sharing or collection tour. We only serve private tour from time to time.Two know detail what is Flores Komodo trip here, please find what we are offering below. This time we have two kinds of Flores Komodo tours. First is a tour to Komodo National Park and the second is tours Flores island and Komodo Natoinal Park. Below is detail information of Flores Komodo tours.

Komodo tour packages

Komodo tour packages are collection from all kind of tours to the islands of Komodo national park. That is I have to say the islands of Komodo dragon Indonesia. Komodo National Park is the only place in the world that you can see the Komodo dragon on their natural habitat.

Komodo National Park is also a world class of diving spots. That is why you are not only see the Komodo dragon but also wonderful of corals or fishes if you visit Komodo National Park. You don’t have to do diving to see the wonderful of corals but just do snorkeling, then you see the corals or fishesMore than thirty islands are covering the Komodo National Park. And so, you need time to reach the entire island. The islands or places going to visit is; Komodo, Rinca, Padar, Pink beach, Manta point, Gili Lawa and more. The largest island is Komodo. Rinca is second largest island in the Komodo National Park.

All Komodo tours started from Labuan Bajo town, in the western part of Flores island. Labuan Bajo is the only place to do for all kind of Komodo tours. Labuanbajo town has an international airport with well-connected from several major cities in Indonesia. Tobe sure you point the flight to Labuan Bajo town as long as you want to visit the islands of Komodo national park.

Flores Komodo tour packages

It’s tour combination of Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park. To begin with overland tour along Flores island to see our nature, culture, tradition, hand weaving and so much more. Most of our program here started from east to west of Flores island. After that use a boat to the islands of Komodo national park.

You can also to do from west to east of Flores island. If so, you do first to visit Komodo National Park then make overland tour step by step every day. To do Flores Komodo tours as well, we recommend to start from east to west of Flores. Make sure your flight point to Maumere town, in the east of Flores island. It’s major airport in the east of Flores island. From there all tours Flores Komodo to begin with overland.

Flores Komodo Tour packages
Flores Komodo Tour packages

Here we arrange the tour programs as long as you can’t find what we offer here. Because of our Flores Komodo tour packages are not publishing here at all, so then we will arrange new program if not match with your request. What we have published here are ready-made tour packages.

You only tell us, what do you want to do on your holidays to Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park. The after we arrange the programs accordingly. We have also prepared Flores Komodo tour packages for special interest. Eco tours Flores Komodo are our special offers who want to different trip.

What our services on Komodo tours and Flores island tour?

Important services we do for Flores Komodo tours are; land transport, boat, meals, hotel, tour guide and entrance fee. Those are tour components we serve for travelers. If you don’t take all our services, just tell us. You can cut one or more tour components on your holidays.

Our services for Flores Komodo tours started from the airport of where your arrival along Flores island. From first day our tour guide will accompany you until the end of the trip.

Flights for Komodo tours and Flores island tours

If you only to do Komodo tour, then you connect the return flight to Labuan Bajo town, west Flores island. Some major cities in Indonesia are well connecting for flight to and from Labuan Bajo town. So far, flights are easy to connect from Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar – Bali island and other cities in Indonesia. To be sure your flights lead to the town of Labuan Bajo.

While if want to do Flores Komodo tours, make your flight connection to Maumere town in the east part of Flores island. It’s major airport in the east part of Flores island. From Maumere town is the place to start overland until Labuan Bajo town. Then connect your flight out from Labuan Bajo town to your next destination.

Tour Activites along Flores overland and trip Komodo National Park

In general you only do short or long trek to reach a tourist objects. It’s depending which places are going to visit. Special trek or long walking will do as long as you do special interest trip. The important trek to do is only on the islands of Komodo National Park. Especially when you are going to see Komodo dragon, wildlife, corals and more.

Trips Flores Komodo
Trips Flores Komodo

Snorkeling is important activity during visit the islands of Maumere bay, Riung seventeen islands and the islands of Komodo national park. To see the corals you should do snorkeling. Whiles dive is needed special experience. We organize diving as long as you want to do.

Road, boat trip, land transport, meals and accommodation

Road is well pavement for this time. All our cars are using air conditioned for up to the present time. AC cars we use both for individual and group. Accommodation along Flores island is good standard. In the coastal area most of hotel using air conditioned. Restaurant can find every place along the island. Food is serving with European, Indonesian or Chinese.

Boat is the only transport to use for all kind of tour to Komodo National Park start from Labuan Bajo town, in the western part of Flores Island. Our live aboard now is using cabin with air conditioned. There are some options or classes to choose. To begin with cabin air conditioned with share toilet until cabin AC with private toilet. Most of facilities are completely with safe equipment standard.

Whiles when we do daily trip then we use a deck boat or speed boat. Boat is not only to use on trip to Komodo National Park but also several part of Flores island. There are several part in the north part of Flores island where you do with boat to cross on small group islands.

Packages Eco trip Flores Island and the Komodo national park

Eco tours Flores and Komodo are our specialist from time to time. It’s for you as long as you want to make special interest trip. Some places you will stay with local’s houses, tent or very simple accommodation and local menus. Some places also you need special activities to find a tourist destination.

However, we need your special experience to know. Package Eco trip Flores and Komodo are combination with regular tour. The only some places you do with special activities. Whiles the other places are going to do normal tour.

What we offer beyond Flores Komodo island

So far, we don’t only offer package tours Flores Komodo but also other islands in Indonesia. It’s Indonesia’s tour combination. We arrange several part beyond Flores Komodo Island. Most of our arrangement focused to highlight tour destination. This time we organize package tours on the island of Java, Borneo, Bali, Lombok, Sulawesi, Sumba, west Timor and Lembata island.

Perhaps you want to do beyond Flores island and Komodo National Park, then ask to our team. We do directly and co-operation with our travel partners on other islands in Indonesia.

Highly and best recommendation of Flores island tour and travel Company

We are Flores Komodo travel Company since 2009. But our travel license started in 2012. Our focus up to the present time is to take care of all types of tours Komodo and Flores island.

Komodo Mega Tours is a Flores leading tour operator and travel Company. We are successful in any tour for our customers from time to time. From time to time also we get great recommendation from our services from travelers.

A Flores leading tour operator and travel Company

Legalized by our government since 2012 that is PT. KOMODO MEGA WISATA. So, all transactions are going through PT. KOMODO MEGA WISATA. So far we have more than ten peoples are working. We have own fleet since 2014. At the same time we had a permanent office. Our office location is in the center of Labuan Bajo town, west part of Flores Island.

Our own land and sea transportation are to support our field operation. That is why we can do in competitive cost for our clients. We are your travel partner for Komodo tours and Flores island tours Indonesia. Here all your tour Komodo dragon.


Komodo Mega Tours and Travel Service is a Flores leading tour operator and travel Company

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To know more of Komodo tours, let contact us now or in the next time.

How to make deail with us

Let’s know if you interest with our offer here. To make clear communication, please send your request through our email address here. We don’t do instant reservation or booking. It’s to escape misunderstanding between you and our team.

Send us an email first. Then wait our respond as long as on working time. Ask in detail if you don’t understand the item what we offer. We don’t mind if you ask more questions tobe clear. After make clear communication with our team, then inform us to confirm. Next process is deposit payment. We will give all payment and tour condition since your first request.