Flores Komodo Tour Packages

Flores Komodo Tour packages
Flores Komodo Tour packages
Flores Komodo Tour packages

Flores Komodo tour packages are all tours on the island of Flores and islands of Komodo national park. We put in the first place for all kind of Flores Komodo tour. On next page you find some kind of Flores Komodo tour packages. Look at our tour combination here. Choose one of those tour packages, and then tell us.

As far as your plan visit Flores Komodo, so you are on right place now. Here is the way for you to visit Flores Komodo. But if you want to visit only Komodo national park, so then find daily Komodo tour package here.

What to see on Flores Komodo tour

In the first to see is Komodo dragons at the islands of Komodo national park. Secondly is wonderful of Kelimutu three colored lake in the middle of Flores Island. Those are important to see on this tour packages.

Kelimutu three colored lake
Kelimutu three colored lake

Not only above attractions but also to see beauty of nature and culture. Wild life, corals and fishes are importantly too. There is so much more to see both in Flores Island and Komodo National Park.

Programs on Flores Komodo tour packages

All programs on Flores Komodo tour here, are designed according to local conditions. Probably you can’t find the program here where starts from west to east part. Because of all our program here arranged from east part. Not because of start from west is not good.

Wherever to start from east or west are same. It’s because of our recommendation. We always recommend start from east to west. As long as you ask to start from west part, then let we know. If yes then we send you the program. Important to realize that if you start from the west to east then program is changed. But not so far implicate to the cost.

Exchange programs

You can ask to change programs here. Programs can be lengthening, shorter or combining. Any change implicate to the different from duration, destination and tour components. Of course impact to the tour costs as consequently. As long as you want to change the programs on Flores Komodo tour, then we do it.

Why recommend start from east

All programs we have Flores Komodo tour here, to begin with overland from east part. As long as you want to start from west part of Flores island, then so you get something different. Firstly is doing with car. Topography of Flores is mountainous and hilly. Along driving you a lot of cliff and windy road. Usually make you tire. Except you have experience with this conditions. So it’s not problem.

We want you to get relaxing through boat trip after overland along Flores island. It’s our recommendation for you on Flores island. Mostly you do long driving every day. From one to another stopping. Do with Flores overland then next is crossing with boat for trip Komodo. Along trip to Komodo, you are enjoying or relaxing on the boat. For this reason why we recommend start from east part.

Flores Komodo tour packages

To make easier on choice, we arrange in the form of Flores Komodo tour packages. So that you choose which one prefer for your holidays. As far as you are not find as per your plan, then tell us. Then we make or change the program as long as we can. It’s our first selling on Indonesia tours.

Flores overland tour package

Along tour in Flores Island, we do with overland tour. For this reason why we suggest Flores Komodo tour to start from east of Flores island. Enjoy the nature and other tourist attractions that you have on programs. You are not only see attractions on program but also see so much.

Bena traditional village
Bena traditional village

Although in Flores Island is windy road, but our drivers have experience for driving. Flores island topography is different from other islands. No much flat area find along the island.


We select the best hotel every town along Flores Island. Room standard we use for you although not star hotel. While on Komodo tour, you stay on the boat or hotel. Only in Labuan Bajo town, we use star hotel for Flores Komodo tour packages.

Meals on Flores Komodo tour packages

During overland tour, you get meals with your own choice. Maybe some place is not your own choice. But depend of place where serve fully service. Food is standard each restaurant. Menu is mix Indonesian, Chinese and little European.

Some hotels or places we serve full board meals. It is because some place where standard food only get on the hotel. But we will inform you if also something change on field. In short we say meals are not problem for Flores Komodo tour.

Tour Guide

Mostly our tour guide is working belong to our travel company. But we hire freelance tour guide on high season. Tour guide is under the Indonesian tour guide association. So far we use English speaking guide for Flores Komodo tour. There are several tour guide that speak other languages.

Trip Komodo National Park

Tour Komodo National Park is main part of Flores Komodo tour. After long overland tour, next is doing with boat trip. You will cross one to other islands at Komodo national park.

Boat trip with AC on Flores Komodo tours
Boat trip with air conditioning

Live aboard or daily trip will go through your visiting. As long as you choose to stay at hotel, so that you do daily trip. But if you choose live aboard, so stay on the boat along the trip. Importantly tell us before you make decision.

Boat classes

Tour boat is main tour component of Flores Komodo tours. Boat classification is importantly to choose also. Deck boat is usually for daily trip Komodo island. Daily trip is meaning that you start and ending in Labuan Bajo town. Depart every morning and returning in the afternoon. Deck boat is usually if you stay at hotel along holidays. Other choice for daily trip is using speed boat. Look at differently cost after.

While Cabin boat is using for live aboard. First option is cabin boat fan with share bathroom. Second option is cabin boat AC but share bathroom. Third option is cabin AC with private bathroom. That is why third option we call it deluxe boat trip so far. This time third option is always limited. So that need your early confirmation.

Only serve with private tour packages

We only serve private tour services. Private tour is our first goal. Yes, we do since set up until this time. We don’t accept share, collecting or catalog system. Because of this system make you stay in waiting. Yes of course you will waste time to wait each other. And also make complicate re-arrange either Flores tour or trip Komodo. That is not our goal.

Eco tours Flores Komodo

Here we put together with package Eco tours Flores Komodo. It’s specifically we arrange for special interest tour. But not all program will do on Eco tour. The only several part or a part for one tour packages. That is a combination tour. So that you do regular and special interest tour.

Waerebo primitive village
Waerebo primitive village

Maybe you interest with Eco tours. Then here is right place to do. That is to say adventure tour. Make it different from other tourists. Make deepest experience with us. Look in detail of the programs here.

Flores Komodo tour package

As long as you are interesting with our offers, please let we know. Send email to our team. We are usually respond on working time. Don’t hesitate to contact us. For this reason why we are here. We are here to help you.

From time to time we do Flores Komodo tours. In the hope that meet with your plans. Then we wait your news this time. Or maybe you do in the next time. We do together with you. Since this time to next future. Thanks so much.