Komodo Tour Packages

Komodo tour packages are collection of tour programs for all kind of tours to the islands of Komodo national park. Here, we arrange the tour programs according to the local condition. We always to do update our program and route as long as something change on the field.

Here is right way to visit the island of Rinca, Komodo, Padar, Pink beach, Manta Point and more. Altogether the places are to visit can find all in all at Komodo tour packages. All tours Komodo should to start from the island of Flores Indonesia.

What to see on Komodo tour

Here is the way for visitors to see; Komodo dragon, wild life, corals, fishes and beaches. Our Komodo tour packages have designed according to duration of trip. The visitor can choose starts from daily trip or live aboard. Look also trip Rinca island.

Daily Komodo tour packages

If you take daily trip, so you will stay at hotel in the town of Labuan Bajo. Then make daily trip to the islands. To start in the morning then back in the afternoon. So that, you will go and back every day from Labuan Bajo town. That is to say Labuan Bajo tour. Komodo tour packages are a part of Indonesia tour packages.

Live Aboard

While if you take live aboard, then you will stay on boat along the trip. To start from one or more night. Also we offers tour combination where you stay on boat and stay at hotel. So, you have experience experience how to stay on board and how stay in a hotel.

Boat trip is important in Komodo tour

Our boat mostly wooden boat that modified to bring tourists. Boat classes can be seen from the size. The classes is small, medium and big size. The size is according to our local condition.

The small boat is usually use for short trip and doing daily. Normally we use for daily snorkeling, swimming or beach relaxing with short distance. It’s to reach nearby island from the town of Labuan Bajo.

Using Speed Boat

In daily trip also we offers transportation with speed boat. It’s for visitors do not prefer to do the trip with wooden boat. It’s not waste time on the way and also can get more the place to visit. But price is more expensive than wooden boat.

Deluxe Boat Trip

While medium and big boat are using for live aboard. It’s to cross the islands of Komodo national park. Medium and big size have cabin or room, so passenger can stay on the boat along the trip. Visitor can choose cabin boat with or without air condition. It’s depending on your prefer.

Deluxe AC boat trip

Deluxe AC boat trip

As long as you are not choose cabin with air condition, so you have only cabin with fan along the trip Komodo. On our Komodo tour packages, we always offers to clients with fan or air condition. Of course the price is different according the facilities on the boat trip.

Private Service

All our Komodo tour packages are offering with private services. It meant that we don’t accept for sharing or collection system with catalog. Private service is not wait for other clients to confirm. It’s not waste time to wait other peoples to join. On collection system or sharing trip cancellation is always happen as long as client not enough on target.

Our system is daily departure as long as you agree with our offers. Although our price is minimum 2 peoples for once departure, but you can do alone as long as you can pay for the budget. You do the schedule which day want to start.

Tour Activities

On the Komodo tour packages will bring tourist for trekking or hiking, walking, snorkeling or swimming. Along you are on the island, so you will do trek or hiking and walking to see Komodo dragon, wild life and some kind of birds.

Pink beach Komodo tour

Pink beach

While, along you are on the sea you will do snorkeling or swimming, walking on the beach or relaxing. You will see the wonder of corals and colorful fishes as long as you do snorkeling.

Eco Tour Packages

This is our specific offers for client who has special interest how do different than other visitors. This tour packages will bring you to see Komodo dragon and wild life not on public area.

You will go with trek or hiking from special place. This is real adventure trip because you see Komodo dragon and wild life on wild nature. Eco tours need longer time to do. Because your trekking will starts from different place. Of course will do long trek.

Snorkeling trip Komodo

Snorkeling trip

Therefore we need time also to arrange to the authority. We need to arrange the routes or Eco tour guide as well as Eco ranger. We need at least one month make confirmation before your arrival on low season. You can do also altogether Eco tours Flores Komodo. Visit Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park.

Reservation And Confirmation

All Komodo tour packages need time to make a reservation and confirmation before your arrival to our region. We need your confirmation at least three weeks for regular tour on low season. While on high season, we need at least one month before your arrival. All your confirmation should be following with deposit.

Please purchase your domestic flight firstly before make confirmation with us. It’s important to secure your schedule. We also need your schedule of return flight ticket to know starts and ending the trip as far as you make confirmation. Your flight should point to Labuan Bajo town, west Flores Island.

As long as you take Komodo Eco tour package, so we need confirmation at least one month before your arrival on low season. While, on high season we need at least two month before your arrival.

All confirmation system is valid either for domestic or overseas tourist. This is to secure all the tour component along the trip. So you will get comfortable trip during your holidays to our region.

Komodo Tours From Labuan Bajo

All Komodo tours will starts from the town of Labuan Bajo. It’s in the west part of Flores island. It’s because Labuan Bajo town is the only the place to start your tour to Komodo. To be sure to point your flight to Labuan Bajo. You just connect from the place to begin with your flight. Komodo tour is always together with Flores island tours.

Transaction And Payment

Please notice that, all your payment should be transferring to our company’s bank account. No one deal you make with personal account. That reason why we don’t use credit card payment. We need deposit since you make deal with our offers. For detail transaction, you will get on further communication with our team.

Komodo tour

Before you make confirmation with our company, we suggest to make clear all the information with our team. To be sure to make clear at all before make a payment. So that we have not miscommunication each other.

Manta rays on tour Komodo

Manta rays

A lot of thing to see beyond Komodo Dragon. The tourist attractions are not only on the land but also on the sea. Just do snorkeling there, then you see wonderful of corals and colorful fishes.

Don’t Instantly

As far as you don’t get clear the information, then please ask any time. Normally our team give quickly respond as long as working time. Office open at 08.00 AM and close 17.00 PM.

Look in detail of our special Flores Komodo Eco trip on this side. Maybe you interest with special tour. From time to time we arrange Komodo tour. For this reason why we are here. In the hope that meet with your plans.

So that we wait your news this time. Or maybe you do in next time. We do together with you. Thanks so much. In the past, this time and next future. We are here to help you.