Komodo Daily Trip

Komodo daily trip is Komodo tour packages starts from Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the west part of Flores island. Komodo daily trip are tour collections from all kind of daily tours Komodo. Not only to do regular but also Komodo dive tour.

Actually, Komodo daily trip is suitable for visitors who have accommodation in Labuan Bajo. Komodo daily trip will starts in morning and returning in the afternoon. That is to say Komodo trip is local arrangement in the town of Labuan Bajo. This is most importantly of our Indonesia tour for Komodo dragons island.

First is your returning flight

To be sure your length of stay. Probably you fit with your holidays. Then make sure how many days you will spend for trip Komodo National Park. Look in detail of the program on this side. After that confirm your flight firstly. Lastly is to book this daily island tour Komodo.

Point your flight to the town of Labuan Bajo, west part of Flores island. From where you to start the flight. Also make sure your flight back from Labuan Bajo to next destinations.

Where to starts Komodo daily trip?

As long as you have booked with us, so we will pick up where the hotel you are staying. From there are our services to begin with picking up. Then you do Komodo trips according to the program you have confirmed with us. Our tour guide will go with you along the trips. We can pick up which places you are staying in Labuan Bajo.

If you need us to pick up at the airport also, then we can do. Or you need our car also to take you to airport then we do. But it’s not to include on our service as long as you confirm after book trip with us. Then you pay extra on the field with our team or directly to our office.

Tour boat to the islands of Komodo national park

You need to choose the tour boat at the same time with trip confirmation. It’s depending what type of trip you want tot do here. We explain you here. For daily trip Komodo usually we use deck boat. It’s without cabin or room. Daily trip is not needed room. While for live aboard you need cabin or room on the boat.

Live aboard here we use three classes of the tour boat. First is cabin boat fan with share bathroom. Second is cabin boat AC but share bathroom. And the third class is cabin boat AC with private bathroom. Third class is deluxe boat we offer for this time.

Land transportation

Usually our price to include transfer in or out from or to hotel. All our cars are using air conditioned both for individuals or group. If you need extra for Labuan Bajo tour, then just tell to our team or tour guide.

All entrances at Komodo National Park

This time there are several items you should to pay before entering to the island of Komodo national park. New regulation is to pay every day. Not for once entry. So that if visit three days then you pay three times. That is to say pay every day. For this time more than 700,000 Rupiah per day per person. Or in USD 70 per day per person.

In our price usually charge to include on our services. But if you want to pay by your own then we cut the entrance on our quotation. As far as you prefer to pay by your own then please bring cash in Indonesian currency. So our tour guide only serve for check in at the office of Komodo National Park.

Do Komodo daily trip need booking?

The answer is booking and confirmation are importantly. Because boat also need to keep the schedule. Doesn’t matter, daily trip or live aboard must to make confirmation prior to arrival.

Not to confuse, that is not differently with other tour packages. The different is only activities focusing. Actually is same. Do not think that, because daily trip, then so price is cheap. It so contrast actually. In reality that daily trip is more expensive than live aboard.

Our travel company

As local tour operator and travel agency from Labuan Bajo town, so we organize this Komodo daily trip with daily departure. Our office located in the center of Labuan Bajo town. From here we arrange all kind of tour to Komodo. For this reason why organize Komodo daily trip. We arrange Komodo tour from time to time.

Don’t worry about our legality here. We have license since 2012. Since 2014 we have own fleet both cars and tour boat. At the same time we have built our permanent office in Labuan Bajo town. This time we have twelve peoples are working for office, boat, cars as well as tour guide.

Find us

Any requests please call us to our official telephone numbers:

Tel/Fax: +62385 2440044

Call us: +62 813 393 124 58 Whatsapp: +62 8123 8298 333

Or please send us a request to our email address on the side of the page. We are local tour operator and travel company. For this reason, why we grab all kind of tours Komodo.

Please go directly to Labuan Bajo town and find our office. Our office located in the center of the town. This Komodo trips are always said Komodo tour from Labuan Bajo. Snorkeling trip also is best choose on daily from Labuan Bajo town. As long as you don’t prefer stay on boat, then so do daily dive.

Komodo daily trip

Important to realize that you need to keep the schedule of our boat prior to arrival. That is to say you should to confirm before arrival. We grab all Komodo daily trip since set up until this time. For this reason why we are here. Whatever you want to do for Komodo trip, so we always here.

Looking for Komodo daily trip? Contact us now. We are leading travel agency for Komodo tour Indonesia. Because we are bases in the town of Labuan Bajo. From here we arrange all tours Komodo. See also Komodo dive trip on this side.

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