Komodo Daily Trip From Labuan Bajo

Komodo daily trip
Komodo daily trip
Komodo daily trip

Komodo daily trip is Komodo tour starts from Labuan Bajo town. Of course you will visit the islands of Komodo national park. But on this case, you do daily.

Actually, Komodo daily trip is suitable for visitors who have accommodation in Labuan Bajo. Komodo daily trip will starts in morning and returning in the afternoon.

Do Komodo daily trip need booking?

The answer is booking and confirmation are importantly. Because boat also need to keep the schedule. Doesn’t matter, daily trip or live aboard must to make confirmation prior to arrival.

Not to confuse, that is not differently with other tour packages. The different is only activities focusing. Actually is same.

Do not think that, because daily trip, then so price is cheap. It so contrast actually. In reality that daily trip is more expensive than live aboard.

Any requests please call us to our official telephone numbers:

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Or please send us a request to our email address on the side of the page.

We are local tour operator and travel company. For this reason, why we grab all tours to Komodo.

Please go directly to Labuan Bajo town and find our office. Our office located in the center of the town.

Snorkeling trip also is best choose on daily from Labuan Bajo town. As long as you don’t prefer stay on boat, then so do daily dive.