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From time to time we arrange 7D6N Flores Komodo tour. Best selecting package tours Flores Komodo for this time. Because many visitors take this tour package. Up to the present time 7D6N Flores Komodo tour is favorite tour for Flores island and Komodo national park.

This tour will start from east part of Flores island. Then will be ending in the west part of Flores island. Before ending, you will visit several islands of Komodo national park. But you can also to start from west part of Flores.

How to get there

As far as you want to take 7D6N Flores Komodo tour, so look first for flight route. Because you start from east here, then the flight should point to there. So far we have three major airports in Flores island. Maumere airport is a gate in the east part of Flores. Ende airport is gate in the middle of Flores island. Labuan Bajo airport is a gate in the west part of Flores.

You only point to those airports from the place to begin with flight. This time we have many connections all over Indonesia. Some major airports can connect to those Flores airports. You can do from Bali island, Jakarta or Surabaya.

What to see there

On 7D6N Flores Komodo tour you see a lot of tourist attractions. You see at all both on Flores island and Komodo national park. But two main things to see are first goal of your holidays.

In Flores island you see Kelimutu lake. It’s in the middle of Flores island. It’s one wonderful nature and dramatic sight. Not only three colored lake to see there but also endemic bird.

While on Komodo you see Komodo dragons. From time to time Komodo dragons are world tourist destination. That is why many tourist visit there. In general you see nature, tradition, wild life, corals and so much more.

Book 7D6N Flores Komodo tour this time

Easy to book now for 7D6N Flores Komodo tour. You only check the package tour on this side. Then look in detail the program, route, duration and more. After that tell to our team. Please ask in detail with our team. To be sure to clear in communication.

Don’t do instantly. As far as not clear, then ask whatever you want. We always give respond. For this reason why we are here we are here to help you. Hope meet your plans. Come and join us this time.

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