Komodo Tours Indonesia

Komodo tours Indonesia are all kind of tours to the islands of Komodo national park Indonesia. It’s because famous of Komodo dragons are living in their natural habitat. However Komodo tours Indonesia is world tourism destination of Indonesia.

Here we give information about all kind of Komodo tours in Indonesia. So it’s easy for travelers find travel information to Komodo National Park. As long as you need information how to make Komodo tours Indonesia, so here is right way to read.

How To Make Komodo Tours Indonesia;

To make Komodo tours Indonesia firstly find the island that you are going to do. Because there is more than 30 islands covering Komodo National Park. If you plan to see komodo dragons and wild life, so you should to visit the island of Komodo and Rinca.

Although there is four islands occupied by Komodo dragons and wild life but Komodo and Rinca island is the best place to visit. More than 2,000 Komodo dragons are living on Komodo and Rinca island.

However Komodo and Rinca island are the authority of Komodo National Park serve daily entry permit. Main post for entry point at Rinca island is Loh Buaya. It’s a center of entry permit before doing activities on the island.

While main post for entry permit on Komodo island is Loh Liang. Here is biggest office for entry permit. Both of entry permit supported by standard facilities. Also management services available any time.

How To get Komodo Tours Indonesia;

  • Flight to Labuan Bajo, west part of Flores island

If you want to make Komodo tours Indonesia, point your flight from Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Lombok and Makasar to Labuan Bajo town. Labuan Bajo is the center of Komodo tours Indonesia. Its because whatever you can’t do Komodo tours Indonesia without the town of Labuan Bajo.

No flight, or other public transportation connect directly to the islands of Komodo national park. Except world cruises are schedule yearly. So, if yes, how do you get Komodo National Park on Komodo tours Indonesia?

To get Komodo tours Indonesia to the islands of Komodo national park is use private boat from Labuan Bajo town. This is only way how to get Komodo tours to Komodo National Park.

  • Labuan Bajo town, west Flores Island;

Labuan Bajo is the capital of west Manggarai regency, located in western corner of Flores Island. Here now become a tourism mascot for east part of Indonesia. Airport, accommodation, restaurants, souvenir shops, bar, discotheques, harbor, boat, travel agent and so much more can easily find here.

It’s meant that whatever Komodo tours Indonesia should starts from Labuan Bajo, Flores Island. Today, Komodo airport of Labuan Bajo serving with daily flight from many major cities in Indonesia. More than eight flights every day for this time. Some airline companies will add flights to Labuan Bajo in the future.

What to see on Komodo tours Indonesia?

The main point to see on Komodo tours Indonesia is Komodo dragons, wild life, corals and colorful of fishes. To see Komodo dragons and wild life, so you do with trekking or walking. Snorkeling activities will bring you to see wonderful of corals and colorful of fishes.

Diving also can do around the islands. Komodo National park is a world class diving spot. However mostly the islands of Komodo national park covering with beauty of corals and many kind of fishes.

So Komodo tours Indonesia will bring you to do trekking or hiking, walking, snorkeling and diving.

Boat Trip To Komodo National Park;

Boat trip to the islands of Komodo national park is serve either daily or live aboard. You can choose which one prefer for you.

  • Daily Boat Trip To Komodo National Park;

As long as you do not prefer to stay on the boat, so daily trip is only the way to visit the islands of Komodo national park. It’s meant that you will stay at hotel in Labuan Bajo town along your holidays.

So, you do daily trip from Labuan Bajo town every morning and back in the afternoon. The daily trip always doing two activities. Trekking or walking on land to see Komodo Dragon and wild life. You will get snorkeling on a place to see corals and fishes.

  • Live Aboard Around The Islands Of Komodo National Park;

The great and recommend on Komodo tours Indonesia is live aboard. It’s meant that you will spend all the time on the boat along your holidays. It’s more eficiensy and efectively because you will do more acvities during the trip.

It’s because you do not waste your time on the boat. The boat will cross nearby islands along the trip. Of course you will spend more for attraction. We recommend live aboard on Komodo tours Indonesia. But if you can’t stay on the boat, so daily trip is first option to do.

Live Aboard And Combination Stay At Hotel;

This is also our recommendation for Komodo tours Indonesia. If you want to stay at hotel and on the boat, so this is the option. Maybe you can do one night on the boat and one night at hotel.

All the 3 options above can find on our Komodo tour packages here. It’s kind of Komodo tour packages offers to the visitors.

  • Boat Trip Classifications;

Mostly the boat trip is modified to bring tourists. It’s wooden boat. Deck boat is usually use for daily trip. While cabin boat is use for live aboard. If you take daily trip, so deck boat is the option.

While if you want to stay on the boat along trip or make combination between stay hotel and boat, so the cabin boat is your accommodation. You can choose our classes of the boat.

We have cabin boat with fan. It’s capacity maximum 6 peoples with 3 cabins. Share toilet and bathroom. Also we have cabin with air condition with private toilet and bathroom. Some of our cabin also use air condition but share toliet and bathroom.

Although different size, facilities and service but all the boat has safety standard. All our boat is controlled by government and master harbor before departure time. It’s important for safety and secure the passengers. Controlling will be done either for Komodo daily trip or live aboard.

  • Boat Trip Available And Confirmation;

Although easy to get boat in the harbor of Labuan Bajo, but on high season difficulty. High season is coming on July and August every year. Sometime happening on Cristmas and New year period.

So always suggest to the clients, should to make early confirmation on high season. We give priority to keep the boat for clients who make early confirmation. Sometime we cansel the trip as long as we get very late confirmation.

The great time for confirmation on high season is 2 month before your arrival to our region. You will get comfortabel trip as long as make early confirmation on Komodo tours Indonesia. Confirmation should be following with deposit payment.

Komodo Tours Indonesia

We offers all kind of Komodo tours Indonesia, because we a leading travel compay base in the town of Labuan Bajo, west part of Flores Island. Whatever you wan to do at our region, so we always give informations.

Komodo Tours Indonesia

As long as you have any question about Komodo tours Indonesia, so please send an email. Our team always make quick respond on working time.

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