Go Komodo Tours Indonesia – Here Is The Way To Go

Komodo tours Indonesia is our firstly goal all of our tour arrangement in Indonesia. Together with Flores Island, we arrange Komodo tours Indonesia from time to time.

Komodo tours Indonesia
Komodo tours Indonesia

Our home is Flores island Indonesia. Our office is in the center of Labuan Bajo town. Because of that, we grab all Komodo tours. See also Komodo daily trip.

First goal of Komodo tours Indonesia

Firstly goal of Komodo tours is to see Komodo dragons. That is only living at the islands of Komodo National Park. Although live also some part in Flores, but size is differently.

On Komodo tours you are not only see Komodo dragons but also wild animals, corals, fishes and some kind of birds. Main island to visit is Komodo, Rinca and Padar island.

Komodo dragons

Komodo dragons are living on the island of Komodo, Rinca, Nusa Kode and Gili Motang. Rinca and Komodo Island is by and large visitors. Both Komodo and Rinca island are important point to visit.

A lot of visitors travel to Komodo National Park from time to time. Since Komodo National Park become a New seven natural wonder of the world on 2013. This time increase yearly but differently various every month.

How to do Komodo tours Indonesia

To make Komodo tours Indonesia, you need to connect flight firstly. To be sure point your flight to Labuan Bajo town. Labuan Bajo is the town in the west part of Flores Island.

To start from Labuan Bajo, Flores Indonesia

From here, all visitors to make Komodo trip Indonesia. No other places you do Komodo tours Indonesia. Only you do through the town of Labuan Bajo. Every day a lot of visitors depart from harbor to the islands of Komodo national park.

Don’t worry to connect your flight to Labuan Bajo town. It’s because there is many flight connect from some major cities in Indonesia. And so flight is firstly thing to do. After that find preference of Komodo tours Indonesia.

Boat trips

Whatever you do for Komodo tours Indonesia, first thing to remember is boat trip. No public transportation. Boat trip is using in private. Doesn’t matter both is individual and group.

Boat trip is bases in harbor of Labuan Bajo town. There is some classes to offers. In general is divided two parts. That is deck boat and cabin boat.

Deck boat is usually using for daily trip. While cabin boat is using always for live aboard.

Classes of boat trip for Komodo tours Indonesia

There is three classes of cabin boat. Firstly is cabin fan but share bathroom. Secondly is cabin AC but share bathroom and toilet. The third is cabin AC with private bathroom and toilet.

Visitors can choose for holidays. Use can choose speed boat instead of deck boat. Maybe you don’t want waste time on daily trip, and then you take speed boat.

Price lists

Price is differently between deck and speed boat. It depends on your travel budget. At the same time cabin boat AC with private bathroom is deluxe class boat.

Exclusive Komodo tour package usually use cabin boat AC with private bathroom. Each class is showing different size and facilities. Different facilities and size implicate to the cost as a result.

Tour operator for Komodo tours Indonesia

As a leading Flores island tour operator, we helpful for Komodo tours. Our position is intermediary between guest and tourism provider. For example; hotel, restaurant, shop and any other tour components.

Although we have own land and sea transportation, but we also do for hotel and other components.

Tour duration

Visitor can determine how many day going to do. Usually we arrange starts from two days and more. We suggest visitors to do at least 2 days visit Komodo National Park.

Main tour component on Komodo tours Indonesia

Important to realize that boat is very important tour component. As far as we know, many tourist waiting in the harbor on high season. They wait whether boat is possible or not.

For this reason, we suggest to make booking prior to arrival. You will get comfortable trip.

Komodo tours Indonesia

Probably you are interesting with our offers, and then please reach us. Komodo tour packages are our main part of tours Indonesia. Komodo travel Indonesia is our best offers for Indonesia tour packages.

We successful in any tours with our customers. For this reason why we are always get great recommend. From time to time we arrange trip Komodo Indonesia.

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