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Tour Komodo national park is Indonesia tour to see Komodo dragons. Yes of course here is right place to see Komodo Dragon. To see the islands of Komodo dragon Indonesia. There are some most importantly islands to visit there. First is Komodo island. Second is Rinca island. And third is Nusa Kode and Gili Motang island. Those are the islands inhabited by Komodo dragons.

Tour Komodo national park
Tour Komodo national park

You are here not only see Komodo dragons but also wonderful of corals and colorful fishes. Komodo National Park is one of the world diving spot. Because of there are many diving spot can find there. To see corals or fishes not only with dive but also by snorkeling.

Get tour Komodo National Park now

Komodo is one of the national park in Indonesia since 1980. It’s to secure the park from time to time. Because there are natural resource here both land and sea. The area located in the west of the island of Flores or east of Sumbawa island. Administratively, Komodo National Park is a part of East Nusa Tenggara province. About 12 miles east part of Bali island. In the middle of Indonesia.

Islands of Komodo national park

Comprising more than thirty islands. The first largest is Komodo island. Second is Rinca island. Both Rinca and Komodo are most importantly islands. Rinca Komodo island tours is first goal for tours Komodo. Because of Komodo dragons are mostly living there. Tour Komodo national park is going visit Komodo and Rinca island.

History of tour Komodo national park

Since 1980, Komodo National Park established a national park in Indonesia. Since at the time, under department of forest ministry of Indonesia, started to organized either management or protection system.

The Komodo National Park is well-known because of Komodo dragon. It’s the world largest reptile that only found on the islands of Komodo national park. Here is the home of Komodo dragon. Komodo dragons are living in their natural habitat. Komodo is living on several island of Komodo, Rinca, Nusa Kode and Gili Motang.

Area of Komodo national park

An area with 1,733 hectares included land and sea. Where Komodo island is the biggest island on the park. The area is covering more than 30 islands. Mostly the land is covering by the monsoon forest and savanna. That is reason why Komodo National Park is driest area. Rainfall is low every year.

Komodo dragons

Here is the home of Komodo dragon tours. wild life and some kind of birds. Visitors can find theme as long as you visit here. The major island is Komodo, Rinca, Padar, Gili Motang and Nusa Kode. Rinca and Komodo island become the main point to see Komodo Dragons and wild life.

Beside the land, Komodo national park has marine tourism attraction. Here is one of world class diving spot. However the area is rich with corals and colorful of fishes. On tours Komodo National Park, visitors will doing activity either on the land or sea.

Furthermore about Komodo national park

Not all the islands living by Komodo dragon and wild life. But only four islands are occupying by Komodo dragon. Komodo dragon is always living together with wild life. It’s because wild life is the only food for them. During tours Komodo national Park, then so visitors will visit Komodo and Rinca island. Also viti other islands for snorkeling or beaches. Eco tour or special interest usually do for Nusa Kode and Gili Motang island.

How to make tour Komodo National Park

As far as, you can’t go directly to the islands of Komodo national park. It’s because there is not connect directly by public transport from other islands in Indonesia. Except you do with big cruises or private boat. So you only go through Labuan Bajo town. From there you start.

So, to get Komodo National Park is only go through Flores Island. All visitors should to go west part of Flores Island. The town of Labuan Bajo, western part of Flores island is the only place to starts. Here is the gate way to visit the islands of Komodo national park.

Labuan Bajo town

Visitors should to point the flight to Komodo airport of Labuan Bajo town. Here is the center of all kind tours Komodo National Park. From here you will get tour boat to the islands.

So far, the town of Labuan Bajo has supported by well infrastructures and facilities. Labuan Bajo town is growing well tourism supporting now. For example; star hotels, restaurant, souvenir shops, bar, discotheque, travel information and so much more.

Airport, harbor either for Ferry boat or national shipping for passengers become your gateway to find our region. It’s to support tour Komodo National Park.

Ferry boat and national passenger ship

Ferry boat is connect three times a day between Labuan Bajo and Sape harbor of east Sumbawa island. National passenger boat is connecting to some island of Indonesia. Both Ferry and Pelni ship is not good for holidays. Because of take longer time to cross.

Flight to Labuan Bajo

Domestic flight is easy to point to the town of Labuan Bajo. Today there are many flight connect daily with more than seven flights a day. Labuan Bajo can connect directly from Kupang, Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya, Makasar and Lombok island. So, you just go search on internet.

Boat Trip To Komodo National Park

Because of tour Komodo National Park discover many island, then you need time to cover. Boat is only transport to use. That is why boat is most importantly transport. You can get only private tour boat. Not public boat. Tour boat is only get from the town of Labuan Bajo. Speed boat also is available here. But price if different from regular boat.

All boat trip starts from Labuan Bajo town, west part of Flores island. There is many kind of boat you can use. Mostly the boat is wooden either small, medium or big size. You can choose cabin with fan or with air condition.

Boat specifications

Important to realize that tour boat is main component. For this reason your confirmation is going to keep the boat. Not means that other component is not important but boat if firstly. Choose the following classes of the boat.

Boat is the firstly tour component for all kind tour Komodo National Park. Because there is not other transport to visit Komodo island. Deck boat is usually for daily trip Komodo. While cabin boat for living aboard. Three classes of the cabin boat to choose. First is cabin boat fan with share bathroom. Second is cabin boat AC but share bathroom. Third is cabin boat AC with private bathroom.

Tour Activities

Tours Komodo National Park is available either for daily trip or live aboard. So visitors can choose before doing on traveling. Trekking or hiking and walking are the main activities during you are on the island. Because to see Komodo dragon and wild life should be doing both above activities.

While, snorkeling or diving become main activities as long as you want to see wonder of corals and colorful of fishes. But diving is need special tour package to do. Because on our regular tour, the diving is not in the tour program.

Flores Komodo tours

Tour Komodo always arrange together with Flores island. Because you can’t visit Komodo without Flores Island. Flores island is most importantly for Komodo tour. All tour Komodo should be starting from Flores. For this reason why we put Flores on Komodo tour.

Programs And Routes

This time we have many program for tour Komodo National Park. To begin with daily trip Komodo until large live aboard. On this side you can choose various of program for tour Komodo National Park. To summarize programs we put together in package tours Komodo. So that you will easy to choose. You can fit length of stay, what to see, activities and so on according to your plan. To start from daily and live aboard packages here.

Our travel company

We arrange tour Komodo National Park with Komodo tour packages. So you can see here. It’s regular tour and also Eco tours. Our program has arranged according to local conditions. But the program can be changed as long as you need different from your plans.

Our tour Komodo National Park are available also for filming, photographer and diving trip. It’s beyond our regular tour. As long as you confuse, reach us. For this reason we are here. Maybe you are interesting with our offers. And then, please contact us now.

Komodo Tour Operator

Looking for Komodo tour operator? For this reason why we are here. First handling for all tour Komodo. From time to time we arrange tour Komodo. So far we successful for Komodo tours. We are a leading Flores travel agency base in the center of Labuan Bajo town. Since 2014 we have own fleet. Boat and cars are supporting our field operation. At the same time we have permanent office.

We are not only working online but also do with legal. So that don’t worry about us. We are here because of legality. Look in detail about our travel agency. Our license since 2012.

Tour Komodo National Park

To summarize tour Komodo National Park is all tours to Komodo. Visit islands of Komodo dragons there. The only place you find Komodo. There are Komodo, Rinca, Gili Motang and Nusa Kode island inhabited by Komodo dragons. There are several part of Flores island but size is different from Komodo island.

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