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Indonesia travel Flores Komodo is tour information from Flores island and Komodo National Park. Beside arrange trip, we are also write articles here. Our articles focus on Flores Komodo tourism for this time. Get some travel tips from our region. Indonesia travel Flores Komodo is one of travel tips here for visitors.

Maybe not much but it’s reference before visit Komodo Flores island. Find also some travel information at our another travel blog. We are here to help visitors. So that you know more how to make Indonesia travel Flores Komodo.

In general Indonesia travel Flores Komodo

This time, we give in general about Indonesia travel Flores Komodo. Probably you are travelers, then here is right way. If you want to travel, we recommend starts from east to west part. So that, you spend on the boat trip to Komodo after long overland.

Overland is the only cross along Flores Island. Get public transport that easily find each regency. Only few travel buses use AC. Mostly public bus not use AC.

How To get Flores island;

Air transportation on Indonesia travel Flores Komodo

Flores island has many airport. But not all airport connect well to major cities in Indonesia. For this reason, i tell you here which airport is available as the entry.

Maumere is main gateway in the east part. Flight is connect well from major cities up to the present time.You can connect as well as from the place you are staying.

Indonesia travel
Indonesia travel

Alternatively is Ende town in the middle of Flores Island. But the flight should be transit some town. You do flight through Ende town as long as Maumere is fully booked.

Labuan Bajo is high traffic flight with well connecting. Labuan Bajo is importantly town this time. Flight is serving more one flight a day from some major cities in Indonesia.

Land transportation on Indonesia travel Flores Komodo island

So far, the public transportation in Flores island is well connected, especially between regency cities all over the island. Land transportation also can connect to various sub-districts and even to the villages.

Some of travel buses are serving with or without air condition. So passengers can choose according to your prefer. Those option service is only when you cross between the district.

Because Flores is one of best tourist destination in Indonesia, private car also easy to find. Private car with air condition easy to order with travel agent in Flores Island.

Sea Transportation;

All in all Indonesia travel Flores Komodo island are here. There is many harbor in Flores island connect to inter island in East Nusa Tenggara province. Also national passenger shipping can connect to other provinces.

Ferry is connecting well for traveling around the islands in the province. The only national passenger shipping can connect between the islands of Indonesia.

The biggest Ferry harbor is Labuan Bajo town in western part of Flores island. The Ferry connect to Sape harbor east of Sumbawa island in the West Nusa Tenggara province. So it’s easy for tourist cross from Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa to Flores island.

Also Ferry boat connect well between Labuan Bajo town to Makasar in south of Sulawesi. But it’s schedule two times a week. Fast Ferry boat also available for connecting between Labuan Bajo town to Surabaya east of Java island.

Travel To Komodo National Park

First thing to remember that you can’t go directly to the islands of Komodo national park. However, you should go through the town of Labuan Bajo, west Flores island. Must be remembered that Labuan Bajo town is main place travel to Komodo National Park.

There is not transportation connect directly to Komodo national park from other islands in Indonesia. The only way to visit the island of Komodo national park is boat trip. Boat trip is bases in the town of Labuan Bajo. Boat trip is available for private only. There is no public boat is serving up to present time.

Boat trip is serving both daily trip and live aboard. It’s depending on your preference. As long as you do not like stay on the boat, then stay at hotel in Labuan Bajo town. Then daily trip will make between the Labuan Bajo and the islands of Komodo national park. It’s a center of Indonesia travel Flores Komodo.

Komodo island tour

Tour Komodo island is importantly. Yes because of largest island of Komodo national park. To here all visitors fixed. A lot of boat trip go and back every day. More than hundred boat daily. Living more than 1,000 Komodo dragons here. On Komodo island tour you are not only see Komodo dragon but also wild animals and endemic birds.

This is the only island where cruise ship stops. Cruise ships stop there every month. Passengers usually make short trip. Shore trip with trekking around. A lot of snorkeling sites nearby islands surround. Pink beach is the best place here to see wonderful of corals and colorful fishes. Komodo island is very important place for Indonesia travel Flores Komodo.

Rinca Island trip

Second largest island is Rinca. More than 1,000 Komodo dragons are living here. This is favorite daily trip up to the present time. Daily boat trip from Labuan Bajo to Rinca island. But all private boat. Because there is not public transport so far. The only way is using private boat.

Together with Komodo island tours so far are important on tour Komodo. Usually take 2 days to cover Komodo and Rinca island. Rinca and Komodo island are the best destination for Komodo tours from time to time. Komodo Rinca island are your first goal as long as you visit Komodo National Park. Not only Komodo is important island for Indonesia travel Flores Komodo but also the island of Rinca.

Boat Trip Riung 17 Islands;

Riung is a village located in north part of Flores island. It’s one of best place to see on Flores Komodo travel. However, Riung with 17 islands are wonder corals and colorful fishes can be found here. Flying foxes also living around the mangrove trees there.

Here there are also Komodo dragons are living in their natural habitat. It’s located west of Riung village. You need time to find the Komodo dragon there. Because they are living on the main land.

Boat trip is only use when visit 17 islands of Riung. So, it’s same way to do trip Komodo National Park. Mostly the boat trip is not for live aboard. Boat trip is serve for daily trip only. Riung is a part of Indonesia travel Flores Komodo.

Meals And Accommodation;

This time you have not any problem with meals or hotel. Because there are many hotel along the island. Also easy to find restaurant every district. Even you find on country side. Of course Indonesian food is dominant. Price is available for visitors. Hotel is not star beyond the town of Labuan Bajo. But facilities are standard.


As long as you have plan for Indonesia travel Flores Komodo, so meals is not problem. Because every place is easily to find food. Mostly dominated by Indonesian food. But also you can find European and Chinese in each restaurant. Local food usually not serve every restaurant. Possibility need special request.


Accommodation can find easily every capital of regency. Mostly the accommodation is not star class along Flores. but the facilities are serving standard room. Star hotel only can find in the town of Labuan Bajo.

Hotel is limited every town, except in Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo town. Advance booking is importantly. Especially on high season from July to August every year.

Some of hotel can’t make online reservation. So should to contact both Fax and mobile telephones. To get hotel, you book through travel agent in Flores island Indonesia. This time easy to get hotels for Indonesia travel Flores Komodo.

Travel Agency’s Services

We suggest to use the agent’s service as long as you would to make Flores Komodo travel. So it’s easily to arrange all the tour components. But you have to carefully choose online travel agency. To be sure you choose license travel agency. It’s importantly. Secure your holidays before to go. You know online era now. A lot of online markets without legality. Sometime is not good for visitors.

Indonesia travel Flores Komodo

Because we are a leading travel company of Flores, so that we give new of Indonesia travel Flores Komodo. If you want to get furthermore information here, let we know. For this reason why we are here. We are here to help you.

See also package tours Komodo from Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the west part of Flores island. It’s best selection of tour Komodo so far. Get it this time.

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