Tour Komodo Indonesia – The Best Tour So far

Tour Komodo Indonesia is one of the importantly tourist destination in Indonesia now. Here we give some tips before visit. To begin with starting point, flights, travel agency, boat trip, routes, programs as well as package tour.

We are Flores travel agency Indonesia to arrange tour Komodo Indonesia. For this reason why we are here. We are here to arrange Komodo tour Indonesia. Find all in all at Komodo tour packages.

Where first starts tour Komodo Indonesia

Wherever your arrival in Indonesia, you can start from there. For example your arrival in Jakarta, then you connect flight to Labuan Bajo. You can do from your country to connect domestic flight.

Tour Komodo Indonesia
Tour Komodo Indonesia

Probably you have to arrange tour firstly then reserve the flight. So that can meet with your plan for tour Komodo Indonesia. There are some international airport in Indonesia as well your arrival.

Depending which country or place you begin international flight. This time domestic flights have well connecting to Labuan Bajo town. So that you can connect from some major cities to Labuan Bajo, west Flores Island.

Labuan Bajo tour Komodo Indonesia

Since you arrive at entry point in Indonesia, then you continue fly to Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo is only town where you make tour Komodo Indonesia. Labuan Bajo is a town located in the west part of Flores Island.

This time Labuan Bajo town has supported by tourism facilities standards. To begin with airport, hotel, restaurants, art shop, boat, travel agency and more. So far Labuan Bajo town become a center of tourism in the middle of Indonesia.

For this reason why tour Komodo Indonesia can’t separately with Flores Island. Because of tour Komodo should go through west Flores Island. Here also is the center of boat trips. You can’t find Komodo boat trip at other places. You only get it here.

What to see on tour Komodo Indonesia

Firstly is Komodo dragons. Because Komodo dragons are living at the islands of Komodo national park. Komodo National Park is covering more than thirty islands. Four islands are inhabited by Komodo dragons. First is Komodo island. Komodo is the biggest island at Komodo national park. Rinca, Nusa Kode and Gili Motang island are also inhabited by Komodo dragons.

Komodo National Park is showing virgin islands around. All the islands are pure environment. Beyond Komodo dragons, you also see beauty of nature and marine life. At the same time you will find wild life, some kind of birds and great landscape along on the island. You see wonderful of corals and colorful fishes as long as you do snorkeling or diving.

Because many diving or snorkeling spot, that is why Komodo National Park become a world class dive site. To see corals and fishes can do both diving and snorkeling. Mostly the islands are covering with wonderful of corals and colorful fishes. So, you are not only see Komodo dragons but also a lot of tourist attractions. To be sure to fix duration of your holidays.

Regulation and entrances

Komodo National Park has regulations from government. It’s because of a world nature conservation. It is to protect both land and sea from time to time. Visitors should come along the regulation during visiting.

For example you don’t take something, not break corals, entry permit and much more. To enter the park, you should pay some kind of entrances. Also for boat anchorage. Entrance is differently between domestic and foreign tourists. KITAS in not valid to equal with domestic payment.

Boat trip

First thing to remember for tour Komodo Indonesia is boat trips. It’s very importantly tour component. Because of there is not other transport you can do. Only boat trip is your transport.

To get boat trip you should to book firstly. To get guarantee prior to arrival. Sometime boat trip is difficulty on high season. Usually we suggest to confirm at least two months prior to arrival. While you confirm one month prior to arrival on normal season. Boat trip is making schedule since you make confirmation.

Classes of boat trip

There is classes of boat trip Komodo. In general is deck boat. It’s usually use for daily tour Komodo Indonesia. Daily trip is depart in the morning and returning in the afternoon. As long as you don’t want to waste time, then so use speed boat. But you know will get differently cost from deck boat. But you don’t waste time on the way. To be sure speed boat is more effectively for daily trips.

Secondly is cabin boat fan with share bathroom. Thirdly is cabin boat AC but share bathroom. And fourthly is cabin boat with private bathroom. It’s our deluxe offers. Whatever kind of cabin boat, it’s usually use for live aboard. You can do from one night or more. Find duration on tour program.

Don’t take share or open trips

This time many online market offers open trips or share. We are not recommend to do this. Because you have to wait for other passengers. Organizer give the schedule for departure. Then you should come along the schedule. As long as not enough passengers so that trip is cancelled. A lot of tourists have bad experience for open trip or share trips. Do what you want to do on holidays.

You make schedule, then so we arrange program. Imagine your goal of holidays. Free time, free schedule, free work and not for confusing. Private trip is giving you real holidays.

Travel agency Flores Island

Although there is many Flores travel agency arrange tour Komodo Indonesia but only some have good reputable. Also see legality of travel agency. You know this time is online era.

Maybe you find a lot of web do with google ads. Please carefully to choose travel agency. Do trips Komodo with legal travel company. It gives you guarantee and secure trip.


So far we don’t put price here. You get from us as long as you make a request. Usually we give respond quickly on working time. Important to remember that email is good way to communicate. Our team is always working differently time.

Package tours Komodo

There is many tour package Komodo you can choose. To begin with daily until live aboard. Here we offer some of Komodo tour package. Also combine tour package whether you also want to visit Flores Island.

You can choose from 2 days or more. As long as you don’t find as you plan, then let we know. We don’t arrange only regular tour but also Komodo dive trips. Dive trip Komodo is put different from regular tour. You can combine as far as you want to do it.

Tour Komodo Indonesia

We are here to arrange tour Komodo Indonesia. We are local travel agency with high reputation. Our travel company is licensed so that legal operation.

As long as you are interesting then we wait your news. But we have only arrange private trip. We arrange both tour Komodo Indonesia and Flores Island tours. See also Java Komodo tour.

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