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Komodo Dragon Indonesia are all kind of information how to visit Komodo Dragons. This only find at the islands of Komodo national park. For this reason why we call Komodo dragon island. Let find the biggest giant lizard of the world.

See largest reptile on Komodo dragon Indonesia tours

However Komodo Dragons are the world largest reptile, which is only live at the islands Komodo National Park and Flores island. According to scientist that Komodo Dragons are the remains of ancient animals were estimated as the last descendant of the Dinosaurs.

Local peoples call Komodo Dragon is “ORA”. It’s giant lizards/Varanus Komodoensis. All Komodo dragon Indonesia is living on their natural habitat at Komodo National Park.

Islands of Komodo dragon Indonesia tours

Komodo, Rinca, Padar, Nusa Kode and Gili Motang are the islands all in all occupied by Komodo dragons. However Komodo dragons not only live at the islands of Komodo national park, but also some part of Flores Island.

Flores Komodo dragons tours

Some part of Flores island, there is some Komodo dragons living in the pure environment. Exactly at Wae Wu”ul area, south west of Flores island or north of Rinca island, can find Komodo dragon Indonesia.

In north part of Flores island, there are two place where Komodo dragons are living. Riung district and Pota village in the north of Flores where we can find also Komodo dragon as well.

Komodo Dragons Indonesia live and survive in the Komodo national park and Flores island since millions of years ago. They spread in various parts of the islands mentioned above.


More than 2,500 Komodo dragons are living some islands of  Komodo national park. They population is not increase but remains stable. But it’s not sure because need time to conduct the research.

Cannibal, Food, Top Predator And Hunting;

As the largest predators in the area, so wild animals become their daily foods. To get food, Komodo Dragons Indonesia hunt the wild animals around every day. They are living in own territorial.

Komodo Dragon Indonesia
Komodo Dragon Indonesia

The main prey of the Komodo Dragons is wild animals that live together in the region. Buffaloes, horses, deer, wild pigs, monkeys, birds, snake and small lizard are the main food for Komodo dragons.

Because Komodo Dragons Indonesia are cannibals, so they can eat each other. So they can kill each other rely on their power. In addition to meat as a main meal, Komodo Dragons are animals of prey.

Breeding of Komodo dragons;

Komodo Dragon Indonesia reproduce by laying eggs that usually occurs in August and September every year. It’s happening after the mating season in June and July.

Female can produce 15 to 30 eggs that are stored in the soil to a depth of 1-2 meters. Egg hatching process takes 8-9 months and hatch in April in following year.

Baby Dragons;

After hatching, baby Komodo will come out of the nest. So then, live on the trees until the age of 3 years where they can hunt alone. Over the life of the tree baby dragons feed themselves by hunting small animals. Female never protect baby dragon after hatching.

During baby period, they eat; geckos, lizards, grasshoppers, birds and some insects. Baby dragon live on the trees to protect their self from big dragon and some carnivore birds. That is short information about Komodo dragon Indonesia

How To Make Komodo Dragon Indonesia Tours;

Starting Point;

To do make Komodo dragon Indonesia tours, you need to get the town of Labuan Bajo, west part of Flores Island.There is not any transportation connect directly to the islands of Komodo dragon Indonesia.

Also from the town of Labuan Bajo, there is not public transport to visit the Komodo dragon’s island. The only way is private boat trip to do Komodo dragon Indonesia tours.

How To Get Labuan Bajo Town, West Part Flores Island;

To get Labuan Bajo town, you need a flight. It’s so easy for this time to get your flight to Labuan Bajo. Komodo airport of Labuan Bajo town is connecting by daily flight from some major cities in Indonesia. You can make purchase from your home or your country.

Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Lombok and Makasar are the places you can connect with direct flights to Labuan Bajo, west part of Flores Island. As long as the you get morning flight, so you can directly for Komodo dragon Indonesia tours.

Boat Trip For Komodo Dragon Indonesia;

As i mentioned above, that only private boat trip can do for Komodo Dragon Indonesia tours. So you should get the boat before arrive at our region. There is many boat in the harbor of Labuan Bajo.

But very important to book before your arrival. It’s to keep and save your time if order on arrival date. Our travel agent, we have some boat that you can choose.

Classes Of Boat trips;

Boat class is determined by facilities and carrying capacity. We deck boat that without cabin. Share toilet or bathroom. Normally we use for daily Komodo trip. While our cabin boat is using for living aboard.

Our boat is supporting with cabin with fan and air conditioned. You can choose which one is prefer for your holidays. Normally some of cabin boat with fan or air conditioned use share toilet and bathroom.

Our deluxe offers for Komodo dragon Indonesia is cabin boat with air conditioned and private toilet. It’s special tour packages we offers to the clients who want get more comfortable trips.

Safety equipment;

Doesn’t matter of boat classes, all our boat are supporting with safety equipment. But this only for boat as long as registered to the master harbor and local government. Because there is many boat also not register either to local government or master harbor.

Our boat always make a clearance at master harbor office at least one day before departure. Because we are working as the company, so all our tour components under controlled by government. It’s to secure for all our clients on Komodo dragon Indonesia tours.

Boat Confirmation And Available;

Although there is many boat in the town of Labuan Bajo, but booking confirmation is very important to do by visitors. It’s important to keep the schedule of our boat.

Especially on high season, we suggest to make confirmation at least twon month before arrival to our region. High season is coming on July and August every year. But sometime also tourist traffic is coming on Christmas and New Year.

Sometime we cansel the trip as long as you make very late confirmation. We give priority to clients who make early confirmation. All your booking confirmation should be following with deposit payment. To know detail of confirmation process, you will get since we get your request for Komodo dragon Indonesia tours.

Tour Packages of Komodo dragon Indonesia tours;

We have Komodo tour packages are publishing here. You can choose which one is prefer for your holidays. Visitors can take daily trip, living aboard or combination packages.

If don’t meet your plan of our tour packages here, so you ask to our team. Because we don’t put all our Komodo tour packages. Or we arrange new program for Komodo dragon Indonesia following your plan.

For regular tour packages we suggest you to do at least 2 days. More day is more comfortable trip. We do every day for Labuan Bajo tour to Komodo.

Tour Company Labuan Bajo

Because our travel company base in the town of Labuan Bajo, west part of Flores island, so we arrange all kind of Komodo dragon Indonesia. It’s our main goal on tourism business. This time we focus organize tour Flores Komodo.

Komodo Dragon Indonesia

Any question about Komodo dragon Indonesia, do not hesitate to send an email. Our team will make prompt respond as long as on working time. See our package tour Komodo dragon here. From time to time we do Komodo dragon tours.

For this reason why we are here. We are here to help you. In the hope that meet with your plans. So that we wait your news. Hope this time meet our team. Or maybe you do in the next time.

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