Labuan Bajo Komodo trip – From Here You Begin The Trip

Labuan Bajo is the capital of West Manggarai regency. It’s located in western part of Flores island. Labuan Bajo is one world tourism destination. Since become capital of new regency, the town growing quickly. It’s because of tourism sector. Tourism is the top of sector to support the either government or locals. Following of that chance, so the Indonesian government also focus to build Labuan Bajo with any programs.

Labuan Bajo
Labuan Bajo Komodo tour

For this reason why Labuan Bajo town is quickly growing from year to year. Government built infrastructures and support the human resource. Started from airport, harbor, road, and human training. Various programs are carried out and even continue to be run by the government to support the tourism sector.

So that Labuan Bajo town become premium town for tourism destination since 2019. In the midst COVID- 19 disaster since the end of 2019, the government has remained consistent in building infrastructure and human resources. This is the government ‘s commitment to support Labuan Bajo to become a premium tourist city.

What is important of Labuan Bajo town?

Labuan Bajo is strategic place to become a premium tourist city now and in the future. Because of Labuan Bajo is the only place to do Komodo tours. With a very strategic location, the city of Labuan Bajo is the place to start a tour of the Komodo National Park. So that since 1980s until now Labuan Bajo has become the main gate way to enter the Komodo National Park area.

It’s reason why Labuan Bajo is very important city become premium city of tourism in Indonesia. Located in the western part of Flores island, Labuanbajo not only a place for Komodo tours but also a beautiful place to see. The topography with mountainous and hilly, makes Labuanbajo gives the best panorama every where.

Premium facilities can find in the town of Labuan Bajo

Because of become a premium city, so that you will easy to find premium facilities here. Starting from accommodation, restaurants, boutiques, roads, tourist boats, harbor, airport and many more that will make it easier to choose on a vacation day. As long as you want to make Komodo tour today, it’s not difficult to find various of hotel, foods, land transports, tourist boats and more.

You only need to how and when you do vacation to the islands of Komodo national park. You need only to search on internet to find at all or contact local tour agency for your holidays to Komodo. The facilities are ready to serve you now and in the next time.

Tours Komodo National Park

Labuan Bajo is the center to begin for all kind of Komodo tours from time to time. Here is the only place where you need to make trip to the island of Komodo national park. Tourists can do Komodo trip started from daily or live aboard. Boat is the only transport to reach the islands of Komodo national park. All kind of the boats are only find in the harbor of Labuan Bajo town.

Tourists only need to reserve before your arrival. We recommend to use local tour operator and travel agency for Komodo tours. However locals know more about everything of Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park. So that you don’t have any problem of the vacation. But please check it for legality of the local travel agency. It’s important to secure your holidays.

Tourists boat and land transport

Because of boats are important for Komodo tours, so that you need to book before your arrival. There are a lot boat for trip to Komodo national park with well facilities for safety. Although so many boats in Labuan Bajo harbor, but on high season very difficult to get it. For this reason why i recommend to reserve the boat before your holidays.

Boats are supported by air conditioned, western toilet, private or share bathroom. You can choose which one you prefer to take. But if you make daily trip to Komodo National Park, so tourists need only deck boat. But the facilities are well.

Welcome to Labuan Bajo for Komodo trip

As long as you are interesting to see the islands of Komodo dragons, please come to Labuan Bajo town. Find the right place to do Komodo tours. Here is your place to do all kind of Komodo trip. Spend your time to see the world reptile that only find on the islands of Komodo national park.

You are not only to see the Komodo Dragons but also see the wonderful of corals and fishes. Find our beauty of nature on the islands of Komodo national park. Beauty of white sandy beaches, nature and so much more.

Find us as long as you need to do with Flores tour operator and travel service. We are local tour agency based in the west Flores island. Welcome and join trip to the islands of Komodo national park. We are Indonesian tour operator for Komodo trip.

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