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Eco Tours Flores Komodo

Eco tours Flores Komodo is our special tour packages to visit Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park. Here we bring you with different from normal activities.

Why we arrange Eco tours

As local tour operator from Flores, so then we arrange Eco tours. Since we know exactly everything about our region. In general, not all the tour do in Eco activities. The only a part of some part of the program.

This is to make combine between regular and special activities. We want you to do different from others. Our local experiences make us to organize special tour.

Eco tours Flores and Komodo

Here, we divide become two part of the tour packages. Firstly is Eco tours Flores Komodo. And secondly is Eco tours Komodo.

Eco tours Flores Komodo is combining trip between Flores Island and the islands of Komodo national park. While Eco tours Komodo is special trip to visit the islands of Komodo national park.

If you don’t find the Eco tour Flores Komodo or Eco tour Komodo here, just tell to our team. Some of the program not publish here.

Activities on Eco tours Flores Komodo;

Flores Island

Wae Rebo primitive village =

At the present time, we arrange two places. Firstly is Wae Rebo primitive village. It’s because the locals do not want to go out from their habitual life. For this reason, why they still live at beaten area.

They live without road connections. Local only use footpath go and back to their village until this time. Whoever want to go there, so must trek around eight kilometers.

But they do regular every day. For this reason why we arrange this special tour. We will cross with trekking along the forest. It’s take about 3 hours for one way. But if you do well trek, so maybe two hours to get there.

Also we want you to learn with their life. Including their habitual. Imagine to be back for hundred year ago or maybe more.

As long as you have enough time of holidays, so here is the right to go. But importantly you have to do with trekking. If yes, so we welcome you to go there.

Mbeliling mountain =

The secondly is Mbeliling mount. It’s not high mount. So that, suitable for soft trek. Get to the top with 1,300 meters above sea level. The mountain is covering by rain forest. Here is one the best place to see endemic bird on Flores Island.

Do with tent for sleeping on the top of mount. Usually we use local community from the slope of mountain. They prepare food and equipment.

Komodo National Park

Some place we organize tour around the islands of Komodo national park. But for this time we focuses to Sabita, Rinca village and Loh Baru. We need special requirement to the authority of Komodo National Park.

Loh Sebita

Loh Sebita is ranger post north of Komodo island. This post so far not serve for public activities. But rangers always to be there. We do Eco tours here for real wild life.

Rinca village

Rinca village is northwest of Rinca island. The village occupied by local fishermen. Together with locals daily life, you will do long trek around area. Find the Komodo dragons, wild life, cave and petrified wood fossils.

Loh Baru

Loh Baru is east part of Rinca island. The challenge to reach there. We have pass through strait narrow with strong currents. But we when the weather is good.

No tourists visit this post, only local fishermen sometimes can find around bay. Rangers also always here to secure the park for east part of Rinca island.


For Flores island, we can along the year for Eco tours. But on the islands of Komodo national park, some part can’t do along the year. Only Rinca village can anytime. It’s because the weather sometimes can’t do for boat trip.

What to bring;

Medical of tropical country is importantly to bring together with you. Trekking shoes, hat, T-shirt, towel and trouser. Wound medicines are also importantly. We also bring but maybe differently.

Tour confirmation

Because this tour packages need time to arrange, so that we need also your quick confirmation. On high season we need two month prior to your arrival. Low season need one month before arrival.

Eco tours Flores Komodo

As long as you are interesting, then so send an email. We are local tour operator who focuses for Flores Komodo tours. Especially arrange Eco tours Flores Komodo.

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