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Flores Komodo Trip 5D/4N

Flores Komodo trip 5D/4N is short tour package to see Flores island and Komodo national park. This tour package is suitable only for visitors who have shortly holidays. As long as you have longer day to spend, then take other tour packages here. Because you do highlight on Flores Komodo trip. Also you only spend a day for Komodo trip. Here you only visit Rinca island to see Komodo dragon.

But on the other hand Rinca is the best island to see Komodo dragons. It’s according to our experience from Flores Komodo trip. So that although you take one trip Rinca island here but guarantee to see Komodo dragons. Also you do snorkeling at Kambing island.

Highlight Flores Komodo trip

First thing to remember that Flores Komodo trip 5D/4N is only to the highlight of Flores and Komodo National Park. Because of short time, you only see Kelimutu lake, Bena traditional village and other attractions along Flores Island. While, to see Komodo dragon and wild life, you only visit Rinca island at Komodo National Park.

Not recommend as long as you have long vacation for Flores Komodo trip 5D/4N

We don’t recommend Flores Komodo trip 5D/4N to visitors as long as you have enough time on holidays. However, this tour will take long driving every day from east to west of Flores island. All time to see each tourist destination is tightly.

Do overland along in Flores island with 3 days. Then you take only a day by boat trip to Rinca island. Although you have only one day tours Komodo but we give guarantee to see Komodo dragons at Rinca island.

Flight routes:

Starting = To be sure your flight point to Maumere town, east part of Flores Island. Because this tour will starts from there.

Alternatively is Ende town, in the center of Flores Island. Although program will change but not loose time. Of course you see different tourist object.

Ending = To be sure starts from Labuan Bajo town, west Flores island. Point your flight to your next destinations. Usually point to Bali, Jakarta or Surabaya with direct flight.

FLORES KOMODO TRIP 5D/4N – east to west Flores island

DAY 01; BALI – MAUMERE – MONI = Floresare hotel with hot water or similar

Upon arrival at Maumere airport, you will meet with our tour guide then drive to Jopu traditional house of Ende Lioness.

Here, you see the old and historical house of Lioness tribe. The house is unique construction either interior or exterior.

Drive to Moni village for you accommodation. Moni village is cool area use as starting point to see Kelimutu lake on next day. Dinner will serve at hotel.

DAY 02; MONI – KELIMUTU – BAJAWA = Silverin hotel with hot water or similar

Early morning drive up to the top of Kelimutu Lake, to see wonderful three colored lake. If the weather permitted, you will see sunrise from top of mountain. Drive down to Moni for getting breakfast.

After that, drive to Ende town. Arrive in Ende then drive to Nua Bosi to enjoy the landscape of Ende town and crater of mount Iya.

Continue drive to Nanga Penda to see blue stone beach. Next, drive to Nage Keo district to see traditional house and grand buffaloes horn.

Drive to Wogo, to see traditional village and hand weaving. Continue drive to Bajawa for accommodation. Dinner will serve at local restaurant.

DAY 03; BAJAWA – BENA – RUTENG – LABUAN BAJO = Jayakarta beach resort hotel bases 4* or similar

Get breakfast at your hotel then drive to Bena traditional village.  Here you will see the unique of house construction either exterior or interior. See their megalithic stones and hand weaving.

Drive you to Aimere district through Bajawa town. This is the place where local people are making local alcoholic drinking called ARAK by local language. Continue drive to Ruteng to get your lunch.

After lunch drive to Labuan Bajo (west part of Flores Island). Stops will be made at Cara Village to see spider web rice field and Lembor district to see the biggest rice field irrigation in our province.

Arrive in Labuan Bajo, get check in at hotel. Dinner will serve at your hotel.

DAY04; LABUAN BAJO – RINCA ISLAND – LABUAN BAJO = beach resort hotel bases 4* or similar

After get breakfast at hotel then transfer you to harbor for boating 2 hours to Rinca Island. Lunch get on the way.

Arrive at Loh Buaya on Rinca Island, get check in process at Komodo national park’s office as entry permit. According to our experience that here is place always see Komodo dragon and wild life.

After trekking go back to the boat. (If the time permit do short snorkeling nearby island on harbor). Depart to Kalong Island to see thousand of Flying Foxes when they are coming out from Mangrove trees.

After see Flying Foxes depart to Labuan Bajo. Arrive at harbor then drive you to hotel for accommodation and dinner.


Breakfast at your hotel then visit Local market to see local people are selling and buying their products.

Drive to Batu Cermin cave to see stalactites and stalagmites and some of dried coral rested from Jurassic era. After that, transfer you to airport for your flight to next destination.

Flores Komodo trip

Although this shortly, but you still see popular destination along Flores Komodo. Flores Komodo trip not much to see. But the only program if you have short holidays. Also time is so tight every day for driving. Hope you can do. The road is well pavement now. Drive with experience driver.

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