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Komodo Island Cruise Ship

Komodo island tour is not only start from Labuan Bajo but also shore trip on Komodo island. Shore trip Komodo island is our services as well as for cruise ships. Because there is many cruise ships stop on the island of Komodo.

Where is cruise ships on Komodo island tour?

Since set up our travel agency always service cruise ship on Komodo island until now. This is shore trip at Loh Liang post on Komodo island. To begin with picking up service from tender until you go back to the ship.

What to see shore trip on Komodo island?

Firstly is Komodo dragons at Loh Liang ranger post. Yes of course to see Komodo dragons directly in their habitat. Although they are living on natural habitat but we always see Komodo dragons.

This is according to our local experience since we started arrange the tour. Shore trip on Komodo island is differently with other tours Komodo. Because of the service start from Loh Liang post on Komodo Island.

You are not only see Komodo dragons but also see wild animals, corals and fishes. But depends on your order to our services.

Where we start shore excursion?

However, you start from Loh Liang post of Komodo National Park. Here is the place where cruise ship always stop few hours. Then we begin with welcoming you from tender.

After that walking around to see Komodo dragons and wild life. You also see wonderful of corals and colorful fishes. As long as you order both land and marine life.

How long shore excursion trip?

First thing to remember you have to tell us how long your ship stop at Komodo island. So from that we know how long your ship stop at Loh Liang. Then we arrange program and itinerary.

As long as you stay longer than five hours, so you can do with snorkeling. But not possible to do diving. We only serve for snorkeling.

Activities on shore cruise tour

Your main activities are trekking or hiking and snorkeling. Along you are on shore area, then you do trek to see Komodo dragons. While when you are on the sea, then you do snorkeling to see wonderful of corals.

Shore trip program

Again, we need your news. how long cruise ship stop at Komodo island. The following program is in general. To be sure we need 4 hours to do the program below.


Picking up service from your tender. Then so make check in process. After that start to trek around to see Komodo dragons and wild life. Continue embark to local wooden boat depart to Pink beach. On arrival at Pink beach then start snorkeling. Here is recommend place to see wonderful of corals and colorful fishes.

After that go back to boat, depart to Komodo village. It’s fishermen village where they are living together with Komodo dragons. Walking around to meet locals.

Go back to boat then depart to ending point. Free program you do prior to go back to cruise ship.

Tour the end

How to book cruise ship tour

Remember that you only book when you need private trips. Firstly you inform us how long to stop of your cruise ship. We do only if you have minimum six peoples.

It’s because we arrange boat and team from Labuan Bajo town, west part of Flores Island. Our team should be staying one night before your arrival. All logistics are prepared from Labuan Bajo, Flores Island.


Confirmation is very importantly. Your confirmation should be doing at least one month prior to arrival. Confirmation is following with your deposit payment. So that we confirm also for logistics and team.

All confirmations and payments are shown on invoice. Invoice become your receipt and should bring together with you on the trip. It’s to claim our services.

Komodo Island tour

Itinerary is going to you together with program if we get your requests. We will arrange program and itinerary according to your duration to stop on Komodo island.

Cruise ship handling is different from other Komodo tours. Because of starting point of your trip not from Flores island but on Komodo.

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